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  1. The Bubba line of knives are pretty nice (Bet no one ever thought the word Bubba would apply in context with salmon fishing) I also like and own Dexter/Russell knives
  2. I'm bettng he spent more time and effort setting his video up than it would have taken to just cook his meal, so that makes him a waster of time, not necessarily lazy..oh and MORON to boot
  3. This may be so,BUT, if the artist had issues with pre scalped,overinflated pricing for their tickets, they could distribute without using ticketbastard
  4. No F'ing way. I saw him in the 70's for $12 a ticket. I saw Led Zeppelin for $8 the first time I saw them and $12 the second time I saw them. I saw the Stones in their heyday for $10. I would't pay that kind of money to see a resurected Jimi Hendrix (even though I saw him open for the Monkees) These "artists" are asking too much money for tickets these days and most of them spout off politics during their shows...NOPE
  5. Dang that looks nicer than a lot of gun stores I've been in.
  6. Some Salty Flies for my trip in September. Jointed,double hooks, #4 is the stinger #2 is the main hook, both SS. I used a variety of materials including EP fibres,Some Krystal Flash and a bit of White Bear hair for the tail of the white one. They still need a little trimming/shaping.
  7. To add to that...Be VERY well hydrated whe you go set stuck
  8. I have several and all have a meaning and most are family related. I have a heart on my left,inside forearm that is comprised of my grandkids names and DOB's. I have several smallish ribbons on the interior right forearm signifying family members passing. I have a pink Breast cancer ribbon,top left chest honoring an aunt that survived 4 different cancers ,starting n the 70's with Breast cancer, and ending just a few years ago from the brain cancer that she didnt survive. Brave lady, never once complained. I have one on each sholder. One is a Duck riding a Marlin. This is a nod to my Dad who gave me a love for hunting and fishing. The other sholder is a portrait of the best retreiver I ever trained. He was a Master National champion. The last is high up on the back. Its a big piece of a piece of needlepoint that my Mom did for me in the 70's. Its a mythological creature combining a Lion Dragon and Griffin. Its called By-Tor after an old Rush song called By-Tor And The Snow Dog. I never understood the concept of "Flash" just for the sake of saying you have ink. To me, its a personal thing that should have some meaning to you. It sounds like you have picked on with some meaning...Good On You !!!!!!!!!!! AND....Yes, sometimes it can hurt. A lot depends on where you are getting inked. Places where there is little muscle or fat tisssue can be really painful. When I had the one on my back done, every time the guy went over the spinal area, my nose started to itch
  9. I use a 10lb window sash weight as an anchor in my Kayak
  10. Jeez Mike...Lets not give him any bad ideas 🤣🤣
  11. Who cares what shape a pizza is? Once its in front of me, Its gonna have half moon shaped bite marks anyway!!😁
  12. I bet I dont eat 63 hot dogs in 5 years
  13. People need to learn to mind their own frigging business about things that dont concern them. Thats the problem these days. People trying to dictate how others live when they should just mind their own business
  14. He also had a guy jump onstage while he was eating and tried to disrput the contest for some animal rights cause. Chestnut grabbed hin in a headlock and dropped him to the floor and continued eating. He was on a record setting pace until he was interrupted and still managed to whoop the second place contestant. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/joey-chestnut-63-hot-dogs-nathan-famous
  15. This thread makes me think of Caddyshack
  16. I was really surprised by the clarity once I got it home and loaded onto the computer
  17. Was on the river today Smallmouth fishing. I noticed these dragonflys hooked up. Does the one in the back look like its smiling? Shot with an Iphone
  18. Kapok was the stuff they used to use in Life Jackets before newer materials were developed
  19. Steve, I am actually surprised that you havent printed/painted and set up a scene for a Trout yet.
  20. I would call the TSA and ask before you show up at the airport with that vise in a carry on. Most TSA employees will have NO CLUE what your vise is and it might be viewed as a blunt force trauma type weapon.
  21. Glad your trip went so well. Got to have some time to recharge the batteries.
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