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  1. Not sure if they really suck eggs or not but I think I might have to tie some of those up! looks good ! I have a friend that use a normal rod and reel. He puts a fly on with a bobber and then puts a maggot on the hook of the fly... Not sure what that imitates but he catches a lot of trout. Is that a Maggot sucking fly? LOL.
  2. @jamieofthenorth Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. I have so much to learn.
  3. @Moshup LOL! OH no! Am I adding too much hackle?
  4. @TSMcDougald Thank you! I have a lot to learn but am really enjoying tying.
  5. @Moshup Thank you! I am feeling a bit spoiled with all this nice stuff.
  6. Stimulator - Finally got my capes, Thread, hooks, and dubbing! Is this one is fishable? Is the FL Yellow Chartreuse too bright for this patten? Daiichi 1270 3xl Curved Hook - Size 10 Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 12/0 - Hot Orange Nature's Spirit Stimulator Deer Hair 3X4" - Natural Whiting Farms High & Dry Hackle Cape - Grizzly Whiting Farms Bronze Rooster Cape Brown SM gold UTC wire Hareline Top Flight Dry Fly Dubbing - #21 Fl Hot Orange Hareline Top Flight Dry Fly Dubbing - #1 Fl Yellow Chartreuse
  7. @SBPatt You always have the coolest colors! Nice
  8. @Moshup Man! Nice job! The first thing I noticed was the body so I looked to see what material it was. So many tricks to learn from you guys! Again nice job.
  9. @Moshup Thank you friend! @chugbug27 as Darth Vader said "Join us" !
  10. Stimulator - Still working on getting theses right. I think this is getting closer. 1x Daiichi 1270 3xl Curved Hook Elk or deer hair fine dubbing Grizzly hackle Brown hackle
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