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  1. @SBPatt Nice! I really like that!
  2. @mikemac1That looks like it would work very well up here in north Idaho! Nice work!
  3. @Moshup Thank you my friend. I hope all is well with you.
  4. @Sandan Thanks! A couple of really smart guys recommend that vise. I sure do like it! @Moshup
  5. Zebra Midge. Just trying to shake the dust off and get back to tying some.
  6. Nice Work! Great to see you tying!!
  7. @flytireI think you have a great suggestion here. Thank you for your help!
  8. HI everyone! A friend of mine emailed me this picture. He told me that he purchased this fly a few years back at a local shop and the guy behind the counter did not know what it was called. My friend said he ties it now but still does not know what it is called. I have no idea so I told him I would post it here and see if anyone could help us out and tell us what this fly is. He said that its a steelhead pattern thats all he knows. Does anyone know the name of this thing? Thank you all for your help!
  9. @Moshup I totally understand that! I tie with glasses on and a magnifier with a light and still cant see well. Pictures are very revealing. Thats cool that you got to meet Art Flick!
  10. @SBPatt That twisted wire is awesome!
  11. @Moshup Thats so nice! A work of art for sure.
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