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  1. I totally understand. Times are changing. 73s to you as well.
  2. Thank you! I am learning a lot already! Do you ever fish the Troy area?
  3. It absolutely does help! Thank you so much for your help and time! Thanks again!
  4. Kimo- Thank you for all of this information. I understand some but not all of it. I recognized right away the first time I saw one of your photos that you were not an average camera user. I have a professional Photographer in the family that has tried to teach me some things. I also have worked with a graphic arts team that did in house marketing Photos for the largest salad dressing company in the US. So I have seen been around it enough to recognize professional photos. And yours were undoubtedly professional. That said, hanging around with professionals does not make me one. LOL And I do not have a macro lens or good lighting at all. I have an old Nikon D200 that I really enjoy and a D3300 that I use regularly. The photo was taken with the D3300. What I do not understand is that My photo info shows 6000 x 4000. is that the same as 1200 x 800? I was not really comparing my photo to your photos at all. I was comparing my original photo as it appears on my computer to the same photo after posted on the website. I am not sure why the photo is degraded on the website. I would think 6000 x 4000 would be big enough to expand. I don't know.. Thank you
  5. Ya hard to get it to focus on the entire galaxy at once 😀
  6. I totally agree! I have seen some really great photography here.
  7. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong uploading pictures? The picture is not even close to as crisp as it is on my computer prior to upload. It looses quality when I post it. Any advice? Thanks
  8. 1st Try at this easy rabbit streamer. Kimo- inspiring work As usual. I am ordering some supplies to try and learn to tie a Scud after seeing some of yours.
  9. Wow! Thats great! Get back on the air. I am only a Tech so I am limited but still enjoy Ham. If you have any 2 meeter 70cm repeaters in your area we might be able to connect. Assuming you have a mobile radio in that "Van Down By the River!" Thanks
  10. I would really enjoy that. Send me a message when you have time!
  11. Just something other than current top shelf favorites. Most favorite rod topics I have seen in the past all just came down to modern expensive rods. And with good reason. They preform well. I tried to give everyone an option to include a modern mainstream rod and something that others might not know about or realize is a great tool. For instance it sounds like Steeldrifter makes some rods that are really popular here......Great, now I am wanting to try one of his custom builds!
  12. Nice! I really liked some of the shorter heavy rods I have cast.
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