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December Flies From the Vise

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Whitlock’s ‘Whit Hair Bug’ – fruit cocktail patternspacer.png


Leaving this in the challenge thread for someone else to have a turn but wanted to give it a try.  
Hook: mustad c525 #2

Tail: olive, barred chartreuse hackle, Krystal flash, and rubber legs 

body: yellow, green, black, red and orange deer hair rubber legs sewn through after trimming and an eye added.  

found this video of Dave Whitlock tying his hair bugs https://youtu.be/Bp487kuQxwY?si=LvJw3Ot_cXKCOgWa should anyone else what to give it a go. Fun tie but it makes a big mess 


Edited by Heff2
Fixed photo

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29 minutes ago, flytire said:

please fix the link to your photo

Fixed, thx Norm,  

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20 minutes ago, Moshup said:

Nice Johnny Q !

Wowza, good to see you post Moshup. Hope all is well and you've just been too busy chasing stripers. 

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Golden Doctor

Tail - Scarlet, yellow, green, married
Body - Gold tinsel
Hackle - Claret
Wing - Gray mallard** with narrow strip of married blue and red over each side*
Trout - Ray Bergman

Don Bastian Notes

* The wing recipe originally was written simply as ‘gray mallard, blue, red.’ It has been amended here to accurately reflect the color plate painting and the structure of the wing. Goose shoulder works best for the red and blue stripe overlay because its curvature (top side out) follows the concave shape of the gray mallard flank, but duck wing quill could also be used, curving either in or out depending on your preference.

Ray Bergman Collection – 127) Golden Doctor | | Hatches Fly Tying Magazine (archive.org)

**My gray mallard supply is pretty drastic in quality. I substituted it with teal.

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