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  1. I like Ollie. Learned a lot watching his tying and fishing videos.
  2. Warren Duncan ties a Rusty Rat c/w a Robert Service poem. This is poor quality home video of a tv program. For someone of Dunc's renown, and having made hours of community cable shows, etc. I'm surprised that more video is not available easily. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OwyDwZAHHo
  3. Bryant Freeman ties a Carter Bug.
  4. Yeah, Shady Lady is basically a black green machine. We fish small green machines with and without tails for brookies. For many years my salmon fishing choice was buck bugs or bombers Bryant Freeman turned me onto Carter Bugs. I don't tie them. A trip to his shop or a show and have his ties c/w great story or some well worded bs is part of the fun.
  5. cphubert, we call this fly The Shady Lady. I like it exactly as you tie it. Tied in small sizes they are great for brook trout also.
  6. I smoked Drum tobacco. Similar price to a pouch of Players or Export A. 50g pouch was about 50 cigarettes. I think is was closer to $28 in the end while regular tailor mades were north of $133 per carton (200) two years ago when I checked. Drum was 50 cents a pouch when I first started and papers were included. If you saved your dimes for the school lunchroom milk, you could buy a pouch on Friday.
  7. Good on you Steve! May 1 will be 4 years tobacco free for me. (I didn't give up all the smoke.) My tobacco pouch was over $26 a day when I quit. Sin taxes make tobacco and alcohol very expensive here, but heart attack care is still free.
  8. WJG

    Cold Feet!

    First thought is your wading boots are too tight. Are your feet also cold in your regular winter boots?
  9. TSMcD, that CDC caddis emerger checks all the boxes! Definitely to be added to my arsenal.
  10. First, check out the definition of quarantine. The social part of social distancing also implies it is for societies' benefit, not your's.
  11. Extra leg is better than too short. If you can fit your feet and belly first is best for off the shelf wader sizes. Sometimes it's a bit of a dance. Some boot companies size to accommodate the neoprene, others don't. Contact the manufacturer before deciding on a size to order.
  12. Kimo, you did get a chuckle from me. Must be the demographics. Only a thin slice of this population were directly exposed to the Kung Fu grip GI Joe. And a total other bunch have quite a different definition for the term. Heard even Stretch Armstrong made a comeback.
  13. denduke, I tuned out when buddy suggested that the essential oils offered "anti-bacterial properties?" or some such. Home made and even purpose designed masks can cause more problems if not worn properly. Constant adjusting is just unnecessarily touching your face. I believe a mask will lessen transmission from the asymptomatic carriers wearing them. A good thing. As a form of self-protection, do not rely on that alone. Keep your distance and don't raise your hands above your shoulders until you wash them.
  14. I prefer dry flies as indicators to small corks or pinch on foam. Helps with casting also. I fish small rivers and streams for trout. Your nymph is never hanging directly below the indicator fly. Usually I would have 5' - 6' from indicator to nymph and maybe another nymph 18" below that. In slow moving water this set up is fishing around 4' deep. Shallower in a faster current.
  15. No mirrors in your house Mike?
  16. Al, it has been 3 yrs since I smoked tobacco. Suddenly enjoying memories of Red Man Looseleaf chew. Might have to see if I can find some when I get out.
  17. Never saw the under dash record player before. I do still use the 8 track retrofitted in my 62 Galaxie 500.
  18. Carving spoons is something I did enjoy. Was a time I always made a Xmas spoon from the tree and gifted it to The Moral Compass the next year. Since we moved to town and no longer have a wood stove, it seems we have too many wooden spoons and ladles about. We still have a real Xmas tree but finding it is much easier when you are not looking for the perfect "spoon branch".
  19. "Glad I bought a plow truck." Sounds like: Glad I bought a vise. Have fun bashing the drifts. It is a good hobby this time of year.
  20. WJG

    Site Facelift?

    I mentioned this before. The bio's featured left bar, create too much white space and constant scrolling. Some forums I visit this info is available by hover or click on member name. As selfish as it sounds, I really don't care about your gender or favorites. If I am interested, I can check a profile by choice. Name, avatar and # of posts or date joined is plenty for me.
  21. The small quantity of hair needed for small flies like 16 - 20 is easily aligned between your fingers. Even out the tips and discard what's not needed. My smallest 2 piece stacker has a 3/8" bore. I added a felt pad to the bottom to deaden the noise late at night. A dryer sheet rubbed on any tying gear will remove static charge.
  22. WJG

    Site Facelift?

    I'm using my new PC with windows 10 (?) whatever the new and approved is and "Edge" which has to go! Not enjoying the full bio chatter below the user avatars. The "go to last unread" is there if you hover the cursor. No icon to shoot at.
  23. @10 I attempted to "like this" post flytire. Apparently 1 like exceeds my daily quota on this forum. I am impressed how well management knows me!
  24. What does marlin look like on the plate? My wife enjoys a firm, white flesh, mild taste fish. Such was served to her recently on holiday and called marlin. I think it was a language/translation problem and thought marlin would be more like tuna with more filleting involved?
  25. I am down to my last pair of polycarb polarized glasses with built in magnifiers. These were made by Berkley and sold at Sprawlmart. I use them for fishing and at work. The bifocals are not visible to others and they fit me well. Can't find them in Canada anymore! Ebay, etc aren't showing me the same. Are these available where you are? I am looking at 100.00 to 300.00 to replace what was a $25.00 purchase.
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