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  1. Some shops don't have their websites in sync with their real time inventory. Others know exactly how many packs of Daiichi 1180 size 18 hooks they have on hand. Awhile back I placed an order with a well known shop. In a few days I received a package with two of the maybe ten items I ordered. Everything else was back ordered. There wasn't anything I needed right away and it wasn't a lot of money, so I just waited. A few weeks later I got another package, then another. I think it took a couple of months but eventually I received everything. Now I know not to order anything urgent from that shop.
  2. I would use tungsten rather than lead core. It does not kink like lead core can. https://pacificflyfishers.com/products/airflo-custom-tips?variant=288271844
  3. It's a fishing reel! Getting it wet with fresh water won't hurt it a bit. Saltwater, sand grit etc. is another matter.
  4. https://e-z-hook.com/test-hooks/mini-hook/x100w-mini-test-hook/
  5. Sounds like a great day on the river! Thanks for the report.
  6. This time of year snow can limit your access points. I haven't been over there recently so I don't know how the snow pack is. For dries, i'd have size 18-20 BWOs, Size 20-22 Midges and maybe some size16 black Stoneflies. Small nymph patterns work, Pheasant Tail, Skinny Nelson, WD40, Rainbow Warrior, Zebra Midge, Prince... Don't overlook small streamers as well. The Sunriver Fly Shop would have the latest intell. The Flyfishers Place in Sisters https://flyfishersplace.com/category/fishing-reports/ generally has the best and most current fishing reports for the area. From Bend I would also consider the Metolius or Crooked Rivers. Good luck.
  7. When I was a kid, most towns had a store referred to as a "5 and 10 cents store" or "Dime store". In my home town it was Rutherford's Variety Store. At the bottom of their sign it said "5 and 10 Cents" . They kept updating the sign and by the time they closed in the late '70s, it said "5,10, 15, 25 cents, $1 and up".
  8. Global warming should reduce her need for heating fuel.
  9. Is it the same as Swiss Straw?
  10. Size 12 is not too big. Real nymphs come in all sizes up to size 6 or larger Salmonfly nymphs. In size 12, consider Prince Nymphs, Gold Ribbed Hare's ear, Zug Bugs, Red Fox Squirrell Nymphs, March Brown Soft Hackles.....
  11. Some I would organize by hatch. One box with PMD nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners, another box with BWOs, another for Salmonflies and Golden stones... etc. Others I would organize by type such as attractor dry flies, soft hackles... Now, if I would only put that plan into action 🙄
  12. For adding movement with thin strips of material without flash, have you considered something like Rhea? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fckTjdVxi5Q
  13. I am 99% sure that picture is faked. Like the old picture of the Royal Wulff on the cover of Dan Bailey's catalog, which I believe was taken with the fly on a thin layer of liquid on a mirror.
  14. I was not familiar with the pattern, but I know it's namesake well.
  15. Nice! I wonder how many people know where Bridge 99 is.
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