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  1. It depends on what are you trying to imitate and what problem are you trying to solve. Pheasant tail doesn't offer much support or aid in floating a dry fly. Once it gets wet, it will likely cause the fly to ride low in the rear with the tail under water. That may be good if the fly is imitating an emerger. If that is the case you could trim the hackle on the bottom to make the fly ride even lower. If that is not what you are after, you could substitute stiffer material for the tail, such as dry fly hackle fibers or Deer, Elk or Moose hair. In any case I would fish it as is and also try some variations to see what works.
  2. Another way is to look at the address in your browser, find the page number, change it to the page you want and hit enter.
  3. The Hellgramite could be as simple as a black Woolly Worm with the hackle trimmed short.
  4. The first fly I ever tied was a Brown Bivisible. You could also tie dry versions of the Gray Hackle Peacock and Gray Hackle Yellow for wingless flies.
  5. Thanks Rover, I knew I had seen that vise before, but I couldn't remember who made it. I was more familiar with the lever operated Crest, which I remember as a sturdy alternative to the Thompson A.
  6. I think that is just an off-the-shelf wing bolt that Universal happened to use.
  7. Rubber Legged Norm Wood Special The colors in the photo aren't quite true, but close enough. Hook: TMC 200R Thread: Danville 3/0 Monocord, Yellow Rib: Fine gold wire Body: Dubbing mix of Nature's Spirit Emergence - Golden Stone and Nature's Spirit Hare'a Mask - Gold and Yellow Body Hackle: Brown Wing: Calf tail - Norm Wood color Legs: Sili legs Hackle: Brown Thorax: Orange sparkle yarn, chopped up and made into dubbing. Next up: LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa
  8. I am home from work today, so I will take on the Norm Wood Special.
  9. Jaydub


    I doubt it will help durability, but I often find that dubbed bodies work better after being roughed up anyway.
  10. On the lower right corner of the screen there is a -______+ slide bar that can be used to zoom. At least on my browser.
  11. Jaydub


    I haven't used the purple, but I have used the regular glue sticks for touch dubbing. It works pretty well in that application.
  12. I don't know, but it looks like it belonged to one of the Jonas Brothers.
  13. Red Quill Hook: TMC 100 Thread: Brown, Danville 6/0 Wings: Wood Duck Flank Tail: Dun hackle fibers Body: Stripped brown hackle stem Hackle: Dun Next fly: Renegade
  14. I'll Give the Red Quill a shot.
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