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  1. I bought a gross of plastic snuff cups with lids about ten years ago. Still going strong. I grab the cups I think I might need for each trip...
  2. Direct from Rinzetti for $49.99 Bobbin Cradle – RD Fly Fishing Like Capt Bob said, they may or may not fit other manufacturers. I use a R vise but, have nothing to do with the company.
  3. Flies arrived Saturday! Thanks Kim for hosting and to all the participants. Some nice flies to try when the weather breaks.
  4. OK! My flies are in the mail today. Professor with red hackle tail instead of goose slips. Should fish just fine.
  5. Like the Christmas ornaments 😀, Denduke.
  6. A Christmas Royal Wulff - Happy Holidays
  7. I keep binders with patterns I have tied and want to tie. I also have shadow boxes with examples of each distinct pattern I have tied. I can look at the shadow box and see how I tied them previously for consistency. The only things my kids are arguing over to inherit are my shadow boxes. I plan on hanging on to them for several years yet. The image is of most (not all) of my samples. Each one is tagged with name, source and date. This way I can find the details in my collection of patterns and books.
  8. I have the Bass Pro waders and my wife has Frogg Toggs. Both have worked quite well. I've had the White River waders for about ten years now. Dirty but still dry.
  9. If you want a general guide try the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders. It is not specifically for "trout" bugs but, is a great bug guide. I live in the Midwest so I also recommend The Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams by Ann Miller. More about the bugs although there are lists of corresponding flies.
  10. I agree, it looks great! However, if you want to add legs tie in the wing case with the tips hanging over the hook eye a little longer than the thorax. Then when you pull it over and tie off push the tips back and tie them off at the same time. Then clip the butts. Not my idea but you can see how from Barry Ord Clark here Tying the Pheasant Tail Nymph with Barry Ord Clarke - YouTube ( I know pheasant and not turkey but might work similarly...) Still think it looks great!
  11. This is another very nice build. Looks like a hunting season rod.
  12. I was on that list, I think. I've been thrown out of worst places... Can't quite decide on the pattern yet. I'll tie the Professor (a deer hair tail variant).
  13. I just sent an email to my contact with Reel Recovery. It's a cancer support group. I asked if it would be alright to share his name. I tied 200 flies for them in 2020. I'll keep you posted. You can reach out to Tim Scott. He's a participant sponsor of the Tie-a-thon which you can find on Facebook. I can send an email address via PM if you would like to participate. The Tie-a-Thon has delivered literally thousands of flies to the programs like Reel Recovery and Project Healing Waters. http://sjrvff.com/tie-a-thon/
  14. Let me, at least, suggest one for you. I had a great year for large mouth bass with a Gray Goose Emerger. I would not have expected the bass to take this fly let alone as much as they did. It was a real soft take. You didn't know they were there until you set the hook.
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