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  1. I highly recommend the book as he draws parallels to what he refers to as North American compared to European species. The techniques he demonstrates are excellent. And, yes, his videos are very good as well.
  2. I have over a hundred books, my two most recent (and I recommend both) are: The Feather Bender's Fly Tying Techniques A Comprehensive Guide to Classic and Modern Trout Flies by Barry Ord Clark 2019 Oliver Edwards' Flytyers Masterclass A step-by=step guide to tying 20 essential patterns for the flyfisher by (yep) Oliver Edwards 1995 Neither of these are beginner books but the techniques are very good.
  3. I thought Jerry did a great presentation. The fly seems to originate in April of 2013 with Clark Pierce here https://www.flyfishfood.com/2013/04/foam-dragon-bluegill-edition.html or here https://globalflyfisher.com/video/foam-dragon-bluegill-slayer The two tone patterns look a little like this...
  4. I use an Ott light with a magnifying glass attached.
  5. I have a Rensetti Traveler pedestal that I use at home. The jaws do appear a bit weak but have held up over a year. I use the old cam jaw vice when I'm doing quick demonstrations at state parks, festivals, and so on (as part of Leave No Trace presentations). I'm getting to the point where I don't like the cheap vise at all.
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