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  1. Think long and hard before tying for a business, materials and hooks are easy to justify prices, but your time is expensive. You don’t want to give away your labor for free. I applaud your enthusiasm to make money, its nice to see in your generation. Best of luck!
  2. Tim is awesome, best voice in fly tying videos too. learned a ton from him. Lately i’ve been watching a ton of Scottish tiers, have to put the captions on in order to understand them.
  3. Some guy on ebay is trying to get rich on RARE ak best tying tools, 1500 for two hair stackers and 1 set of tweezers. Good luck to him.
  4. I have a few extra reels, but i was given several old mitchells with bad bail springs, Going to convert them to bailless when i can get the kits
  5. I have a pair of his squeeze snips which are wiss just in green with his logo, have served me well for 25 years. And the blades are replacable/able to be sharpened. Definitely worth whatever i paid in 1995
  6. I was on a small tidal river, hoping to see if any salt run browns were around. I need to bump my gear up for them next time. They get hefty feeding on baitfish.
  7. I got out today, A bit of spin fishing as my fly rod does not fit in the mrs car. No fish but it was nice out
  8. I have a channel but no fly tying on it yet. Just a few videos of vintage trains being brought back to life. Never set them up this year. I am not great with videos so i have yet to do any fly tying yet. James you are far better at being a showman than i could ever be! Keep up the good work.
  9. Pretty much anything you can use rabbit for can be substituted with squirrel. Pine squirrel zonker strips are awesome for small flies, And hares ear flies work well with squirrel hair too. Use your imagination, you will be amazed what you come up with.
  10. Try a pegboard and hooks like retailers do
  11. I’d like to see that pattern! Lots of mosquito fish in the canals near my inlaws place in florida. Need some good canal patterns for snook and snapper.
  12. Empies Golden Shiner. Tied with Bills bodi braid!
  13. One slightly larger, Tails give me fits. All thumbs at the moment.
  14. Its not a bugger or a popper, Its a carey special (maybe) tail pheasant rump (gray). Peacock hurl gold oval tinsel silver flat tinsel pheasant rump wing tied softhackle style. black 6/0 danvilles sally hansen head. Tied on a Nor-Vise.
  15. Sorry to hear about your friend is so very ill, it was hugely generous of him to pass it on.
  16. I don’t know if it does or not at this point, it was put away empty. I was just curious if anyone had tried chinese aftermarket carbs. I have another motor that has never run right and was considering replacing or rebuilding the carb.
  17. This is the one. I was told its 4000watt, It ways a flippin ton. has 8hp tecumseh four cycle motor.
  18. I just got a free snowblower going my old one died a year ago, no more shoveling for this guy. But i have an ancient generator that i want to resurrect for peace of mind. Snow blower just needed a tune and lube but the generator has not been run in 20+ years.
  19. I know where it is but never have been there, I grew up in Georgetown. Used to fish that area extensively. Miss that area
  20. You can buy series 4 chinese copies of tecumseh carbs for less than the cost of a rebuild kit.
  21. I just got into getting old stuff running again. Mostly tecomseh motors. Just curious if anyone has tried the overseas replacement carbs? Rebuilding an old one does not look too difficult but keeping my options open.
  22. I’m in ne too, have yet to get out. Still recovering from being sick. Getting the itch. I have a ton of poppers to test out. How long before the bass start spawning? i always love panfish on the fly!
  23. Get into fly tying, you’ll save lots of money!
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