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  1. And a while more... I need to get back to tying... Cant believe this much time has gone by....
  2. I think they just grabbed the pack and ran, got a friend looking around the local pawns, didn't think about CL....I chase trout and Warm water, and this trip I had both in my sites...
  3. Quite a while it seems, I amassed a fantastic collection thru swaps with some very great and talented folks on here. But life turned and I ended up stuffing the tying gear into a closet to make room for the MIL.....Can you say chew on a gun barrel..... I stepped aside and spent what little extra time I could putting those flies to use. Well last month someone must have thought I had a bad back, and to help me out they took my fishing pack out of my jump seat....With it they got my 3 wt reel, both NC/SC license, your normal fly junk collection of leaders, tippets, scissors, forceps, dressings and knot tools. A XP-10 camera and GPS, hell even a spare key to my truck. Thank the Lord they didn't look behind the seat and get the 3 rods......But the 7 boxes and tins of flies, most from swaps from here, are the most painful.....something you just cant buy at a store... So keep your eyes open, once I can get a few thinks settled I'll need to get back tying if I can get in a swap.
  4. OK the secret squirl pact worked and we got Riff back.....LOL...
  5. Glad to see Riff avalible to take my spot, he does some great work. BB thanks for having me....I be following along...
  6. Great collection showed up today...Thanks everyone.
  7. Folks, as much as I hate to, I need to drop out. just have to much stacked against me. My vise broke today and that basicly was the last straw...... Darrin
  8. Well My damn luck continues.......I almost posted an hour ago thats the flies were on there way....but figured with my luck lately something would go wrong.....and guess what... The post office is closed for Presidents Day! I'll be hitting the PO 1st thing in the morning.
  9. another fantastic set of flies showed up at my house yesterday.....Thanks everyone
  10. Zach, your ahead of Me at the moment....Everytime I have headed for the vise something falls into my lap or out of place. I have had the joy of watching our Grandson a bunch this week....forgot how hyper and curious a 13 month can be.
  11. I'm sorry for holding things up. Im trying to have them in the mail before Noon.
  12. Hey Folks...I'm sorry to be behind, January has not been kind to us. I am striving to have them in the mail by monday.
  13. A nice collection of flies arrived today...great work folks...looking forward to next year
  14. I'm going with a Carters Rubber Leg Dragon.... and then maybe not....Dreamcasters next post got me to realize its a Beadhead....not Beadchain....Back to looking
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