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  1. Tie around 5 days a week, dye feathers twice a month. I also lose a few every time I go out like Rick. Look at materials too often thinking about applications, very fun! Nothing like a yellow humpy, yellow elk hair, yellow hackle, yellow thread.
  2. Yes you will still need to wash the feathers. You want them clean for dyeing, rid of dirt, natural oils or grease. Not familiar with food coloring, but hey give it a shot. Bob
  3. Out here in Ca. the fly show has gotten so bad with no materials, I may not even go this year. To me the biggest concern I have with high grading my own natural materials is with dry fly necks and saddles. Far West fly shop is the largest Whiting on line seller. I have had very good luck with Blake Leathers, the owner. He and his dad are tyers, and Blake has shipped me what I was looking for. He has a good eye. For hair I heard the person who is the new owner of Whitetail Fly Tying supplies is a good outlet for deer and elk hair. Having a place that will let you decide what to keep and what to return like flyty1 said above is a real good way to go. Just trying to help, not trying to advertise. Bob
  4. When I clip the fly off, I put it back in its fly box. When I get home I air out the boxes I know I used a fly from. I toss out the flies that look beat up and tie up some more. I try to reflect back why I used that fly and try to learn something from it based on the days catchin. Bob
  5. I have a watermaster raft and I will troll a clouser while I'm rowing out to where I want to fish. I just lay the rod beside me and I put the reel behind a strap so it will have something to stop it in case it gets jerked forward. I have caught small stripers this way. Haven't lost any gear so far this way, but I'm probably pressing my luck. Bob
  6. That is a great use of feathers and fur, nice job! Bob
  7. McFin: I just logged brought up Dyna Kings website, all good. They are very much still in business. I have dealt with Shannon, very nice and knowledgeable. Bob
  8. Thanks Bass Master. I do like Gamakatsu, interesting test. Bob
  9. Thank you guys, I appreciate all inputs.
  10. Do any of you have any experience with Saber hooks? The 100 pack price looks pretty good. If you have used them, what are your thoughts on Saber? Thanks in advance, keep tying and fishin. Bob
  11. I like the bulk and the movement of water bucktail creates. I want it to push some water, though I am no expert on this. It would be hard for me to like the faux if it doesn't hold a firm shape. Bob
  12. I put a piece of heat shrink tubing on each hackle plier jaw. Grips great and won't cut hackle. When it gets a little greasy and doesn't grip as well, pull em off and replace them. Heat the heat shrink with a lighter so it molds around the jaws. Get a size of shrink tubing that just fits over the hackle plier jaws. Bob
  13. Excellent salty, you are one heck of a tier and have a good eye for all proportions and how it can look its best. I like your pics and posts. Bob
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