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    Nail Knot Tool

    I have nail tools all over because I never want to be without one. The epoxy is a a great idea.
  2. Eagle 0272A (long shank) Eagle 254clf (short shank) Both should be avialble at Walmart.
  3. Not far from using molded or precut crawdad bodies, minnow tails, fish skulls, pom poms, or any other of a dozen prefab'd commercial materials. Until someone writes the law on tying flies, innovation will continue.
  4. I have a CJ hard top and YJ soft top. Can't speak for the new ones aside from a guy I fish with has one and I spend a lot of time in his. The size, ride and comfort levels between his '14 and my '83 is negligible. Road noise is about the same. And then one costs a whole lot less to own when compared to the other. Oh, he has cruise control and AC, so he's got me there. But I can replace every component on my mine in my garage. If it was a daily driver for me I would have floored it right through the nearest jeep dealer's front window. If Ford decides to put a diesel in their next edition of the Ranger I'll be looking in that direction when my F150 needs replacing.
  5. This is what I do and add a dab of shoe goo to the threads before I screw them in.
  6. ihang10

    American wages

    $110k in Maine would be OK, especially if health insurance is covered.
  7. The issue I find, is when I am in current (1200-2700 cfs) having anything dragging in the water like a wading staff, net, etc., is a pain. I had a gift card once, spent it on a staff that collapses down to about 8". The problem is, it's stiff and stable but I'm questioning the durability of the design over time. A stick or ski pole would work well if I was boulder hopping or navigating holes in a small steam, but it's nothing I would want in a strong current.
  8. ihang10


    Shad roe on scrambled eggs is a delicacy with some of the guys I fish with. Sounds disgusting, but then again, I think most fish is nasty to begin with.
  9. 4x6 picture storage boxes at Michaels. Cut craft foam to size, and I've found gorilla glue works well for an adhesive.
  10. 4x6 photo storage boxes available at Michaels's. Rather than craft foam I'm using foam core sheets. It's slightly thicker than stick foam sheets.
  11. I didn't know you were in VA. I think deer season in Fairfax runs into March. lol.
  12. Arrived today. Thanks everyone. Thanks for hosting Kevin.
  13. ihang10


    Chuck Kraft's clawdad is the only one I've ever used and it worked for SMB.
  14. I had plans to go but unfortunately won't make it.
  15. How do you test the strength of a knot?
  16. Casing: flash and epoxy. Root beer or copper.
  17. Double bunny? I don't have any pics available at the moment. Probably dozens of videos out there. I have a small leech I use, measure so the tail about a hook length, pierce the tail with the hook, skin side up, secure with tight wraps, move the thread forward,then wrap the fur forward and tie behind a cone head or bead. Bam, you're done.
  18. Yes. 250 grains for my 7wt throws shad darts very well.
  19. Flat rate mailer envelope. I used a 4x6 picture storage box from the craft store. Probably have them in the scrapbook area of whatever store is nearest.
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