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  1. StoneFlyTyer


    Here are my 2 babies, the chocolate lab is Cabella Lee and the the little one is Winston Thomas
  2. Looks good steeldrifter, here is my start with bonsai. I bought the one and then grew the other two from cuttings from the first, but cant remember what it was any ideas. I want to say its a ficus but not sure. Any way your garden looks awesome thanks for sharing
  3. Old sewing machine desk Nothing special but it works
  4. They look great and a good cause. Also thank you for your service to all Veterans and first responders
  5. I know this is and old thread, but iv been trying to get on the rod building form and it says that all FTF members already have an account but I type in my name and pass, but it says it’s wrong. So I tried to create a new account but it says it’s not taking any new members. So what do I need to do to get an account on that form anyone have any ideas. Thanks
  6. I use sharpies and clear coat for foam bodies
  7. It's bone so it is hard but sometimes the inner part is softer, it can splinter if you put to much pressure when coming out the other side when drilling, it also stinks a bit if it gets hot when drilling or cutting, but not to bad to work with. This price was a shed that a friend found in Maine when I was up their visiting
  8. Got bored made this to hold my tools lol
  9. I got this guy back in October and forgot to post
  10. Some hatcheries have a fly Tyers special you can buy, I'm sure their not super birds but probably do what you need
  11. I love my regal but the base was alittle light so I made a new base and it is not light anymore lol
  12. Iv taken a few classes here in western New York, and if it's a bunch of newbies they usually start with laying the thread base and whip finish and anatomy of the fly. Then we usually tie 3 patterns a night of the most productive flies for our area starting with the easiest to the more difficult, so for my area we start with egg sack patterns like salmon fleas, sucker spawn, fhramas, estaz, and scrambled egg. Then we do some caddis, stone flys, wooly buggers, muddlers, zonkers, baby rainbows, green butt skunk and Royal coachmen
  13. First fish on my new fly rod
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