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  1. Cool! Thanks Steve - I think I'll give this a try so I can at least utilize the rubber soles that aren't getting any use anyway.
  2. Curious about this. I've got Korkers as well (Raptor and Hatchbacks). The Raptors have been excellent (starting to fall apart now, but they've held up very well for over 5 years and have been super comfortable). I've got a couple "extra" rubber soles that I have absolutely no interest in wearing as-is based on what I've heard about really poor traction in the river. I've got the studded rubber soles that work extremely well so I've been thinking of adding studs (like the Kold Kutter) but wasn't sure if the plastic soles would hold well enough. When you added these did they only go into the sole or did you screw right through the soles and into the bottom of the boots?
  3. Looks like the same one I have. It's called a River Quiver and it's made by Riversmith. It was a bit over $400 for a 2-rod version and yes, it does lock. I've only used mine a couple times, but I've been happy with it. It's great if you hop around from place to place, but I've appreciated it even more to have everything all loaded up for an early morning outing and not needing to rig up when all I really want to do is get on the river to take advantage of the limited amount of time I have available to fish. www.riversmith.com
  4. WOW! That is stunning! Love the color scheme and that grip is gorgeous too!
  5. Lots of patience and available time necessary for that beautiful result. VERY well done!
  6. Wow! And fantastic picture! I'm mesmerized and can almost imagine every wrap being laid down with the clarity of the photo. I'm not currently capable of doing something like that right now, but I'm thoroughly impressed by your skills!
  7. Kinni

    Finally got one

    Way to go! I got mine on Monday too. Good eating and some awesome feathers to put to use.
  8. That really is a winning color combination. I bet you'll get lots more requests for this combo for future builds.
  9. Scott, thank you so much for putting all these SBS posts together. I know they're a ton of work, but your photos and directions are super clear and make all these patterns so much less intimidating. Very well done!
  10. Welcome from another WI resident.
  11. If you're going to be with a guide the entire time I'm guessing they'd be providing all the flies you'll need as a part of their service. Might be kind of fun to bring some patterns from home just to play with, but I'll bet the guide will have all the local patterns covered for you. Certainly a good idea to check in with him/her just to be sure and it sounds like you're already planning to do that.
  12. Looks great and I agree, being from Packerland, the green and gold combination is sweet!
  13. So very sorry for your loss. Prayers sent for all who knew and loved him.
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