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Fly Tying
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Second annual Fun with Foam swap. MAILED TO SWAPPERS

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 Spring has sprung and it is time for some panfish action, or trout or bass.  Most of you are too old to enjoy the rush of spring hormones, anyway, so you might as well tie some flies.  12 foam flies, any size, for any species.  Due May 1st.

1.  Woodenlegs. RECEIVED 

2.  Vicrider. RECEIVED 

3. Camo Clad Warrior RECEIVED 

4.  Stabgnid RECEIVED 

5. Dogfacedoc. RECEIVED 

6. Vincent 

7. Mikemac1  RECEIVED 

8. WWKimba.   RECEIVED 

9.  Flytire.   RECEIVED 

10. Johnw1986 RECEIVED 

11. CPHubert. RECEIVED 

12.  Chasing tails. RECEIVED 


Address is

Dr. Darrell Phillips

7890 NW Westside Rd.

Carlton, OR  97111


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Count me in. Foam STIMULATOR


Foam Stimulator

Hook: Firehole Stick 718 #8

Thread: UTC 140 Fluorescent Orange

Tail: Bleached Deer Hair

Body: Yellow Fettuccini Foam palmered with Silver Badger hackle 

Wing: Bleached Deer Hair

Thorax: Orange Fettuccini Foam

Hackle: Lt Ginger

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Count me in.  I'm not much of a foam tyer so I guess it's time to expand my horizons!


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