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  1. Just sending mine out tomorrow. I will use priority to get them to you. Size 18 BWO
  2. BWO with ultra chenille extended body
  3. My sister bought me a Noll kit from Al Cohen's Sports in Monticello, NY for my eighth birthday. I am almost sixty-three so fifty five years, continuous. My Grandfather was friends with some famous Catskill tyers. I used to hang out and soak everything in when I was in Livingston Manor or Roscoe. My Grandparents lived on the Willowemoc. Funny JSzymczyk, you are so correct. George Herter was showing people how to tie jointed streamers in his 1950 and 60's writing. It wasn't original then either. They had jointed devil bugs. I think I remember you tying a nice devil bug for a swap once.
  4. I have made eight rods from AR. I have one bad blank. Returned it and was pleased with what I received in return. My first one was a kit my wife bought me for Christmas years ago. The price was $129 for everything. I have since changed out the reel seat, but still fish the rod. I had no experience building or wrapping rods. The guy at AR told me to call Jim Mills from Raven Fork Rods. The man is a master craftsman. He took many of my calls and emails. Your opinion of glass rods is very out of touch. I have an Orvis Superfine that is extremely light and sensitive. Might want to broaden your horizons. http://thefiberglassmanifesto.blogspot.com/
  5. 6'6" Orvis Flea. Bamboo. Fishing as 3wt. Two photos of a fall Brown caught on public water in North Carolina. You don't need a long rod to land large fish. Let the rod work and take your time. Dave G gave the best advice. Rushing and excitement loses more fish for the novice and even old timers. Wow I read that back, I really was talking about fishing. Bamboo is forgiving and buffers the fish. It is a shock absorber. Cheap but good blanks to get into the craft. http://theanglersroost.com/
  6. Woot! Woot! How you feel well for the holidays and grandkids.
  7. Feel better Bob, but knowing you.....you probably ate that questionable Mexican again. Real restaurants don't have coyote fajitas.
  8. Jokey looked at her business card. He was confused. He thought for a moment, could she work for the Mustad company or really escort people places.
  9. Starling and peacock is a great soft hackle.
  10. The guard hairs are better for streamers than black bucktail. Stiffer and more shiny usually. Not that fake dyed black. The guard hairs make great tails for smaller flies. The underfur that you pick out to get the guard hair is great for spinning dubbing. Make a dubbing look and spin. Wrap for sculpin heads, saltwater flies, bass flies. The very fine underfur is an exceptional dark stone fly body material. Sadly most people have never worked with it. Artificial materials are dye constant (at least to most of our eyes) natural materials like black bear may look black, but up close or in different light they may be all different shades of browns and blacks. Exciting to use. A visit to a friendly taxidermist will produce scraps of bear fur.
  11. So do we have to tie 60 flies or just a dozen?
  12. Kidney cancer 2010. Cancer free six years. This group came to our Carolina Fly Fishing Club a few months ago. They broke from the group that only helped women with breast cancer. Seems like a great group. They help women with all cancers. I don't think you need to be 18 to volunteer. http://castingcarolinas.com/
  13. I feel very bad about this. I mailed the flies out. Thank you for your patience. I was assured that the flies were coming. I waited for PJ2 flies and they never arrived. Your flies are in the mail. I know you will like them. They are a very different mix of flies. This was a challenge tie for many. THANK YOU ALL THAT SENT EXTRAS. I am donating them to the Carolina Fly Fishing Club, http://cffc.memberlodge.com/ where they are both needed and appreciated. Thank you for being a member of this swap and most of all your own patience.
  14. OK sorry for delay in posting. PJ2 has had some craziness and is still sending flies out. If no one is upset. I will give him a couple more days. He thanks me and you all for patience.
  15. Just got in from Florida. Kevin's flies are here. I saw the envelope. I do not have anything from PJ2. I am surprised. I will mail flies out Saturday.
  16. There are two sets still out. Both tyers do not miss swaps. The assure flies are coming. I am going to Florida tomorrow for work and will be home Friday. Hopefully flies will arrive in mean time and I will mail out next Saturday. Thanks for everyone's patience. Some swappers had difficulties this swap.
  17. ADD147 the flies are here. Thank you for the extras.
  18. Thanks ADD147. I know you have a great history of completing swaps. I appreciate the updates.
  19. Sorry I did not update. Elusive, thank you for ALLLLL the extras wow.
  20. Elusive.Fishing contact me for an address
  21. I like old style flies. I like tying everything new and old, but I especially like old style. I grew up in the Catskills and was taught by really great tyers. With that said, I fish sometimes to match the hatch and other times what I like. I fish a lot of busy public water. Sometimes a fly different than the other one hundred rods that passed through that day will get a look, but most times knowledge, skill and especially presentation trumps the fly every time.
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