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  1. 5 wts with a 5 ft. furled leader and about 4 feet of 6lb mono. Fish were all caught with fly less than a foot under the surface. Rick
  2. Went to a pond today with the canoe. Black has always been a good color to use. So a black furl tailed mohair leech and a black slumpbuster. Fish liked both of the flies. Came home with 23 gills and for bass that had the gills injured. Caught 2 or 3 bass for every gill I hooked. NO cell phone and forgot the camera. Rick
  3. Google SowBug Round up and think about coming. Lots of talented tyers there. Rick
  4. RickZieger

    Face masks

    Went to Wal-Mart yesterday as we need to get ink for the computer printer. We were in the vast minority wearing masks. I was asked if I knew the CDC said you did not have to wear masks. When I replied that was only for the vaccinated, I was told I did not know what I was talking about. Rick
  5. Hiked into a pond this am. Algae out about 20-25 feet from the shore. Decided to roll cast unweighted flies to get them out to open water. The fish were cooperative. Lots of strikes, but lost the ones that I could not get up to the surface to slide over the algae. Still a lot of fun. Rick
  6. hook size 10 to 1`45. tail, flash, and marabou choice of color.
  7. emergers I saw. Ostrich tail. body dubbing I used High float fibers from the FTD instead of cdc.
  8. I am relieved. Thought I might have to help you eat them so you would stay on your diet. Rick (not an English major)
  9. With getting ready to plant garden a few other things coming up I am stepping back from swaps as I try to get flies out within 2 weeks after I sign up. Rick
  10. If there is a pink squirrel, why not this?
  11. scud hook. dubbing brush rubber legs, flash over abdomen tied over every wrap of the dubbing brush.
  12. Probably my favorite sort of "surface fly. Biot tail, black dubbing body, foam wing case. dubbing thorax, white antron just under wing case. rubber legs on one.
  13. When it hits me I do a PTN or hares ear sort of thing to just get going. Rick
  14. @niveker nope, just rotated the picture to show how the fly rides in the water. Rick
  15. Klinkinhammmer hook. synthetic hair for abdomen. wing case from thin skin and duck body feather for thorax. Three bass and one crappie on this the other day. Rick
  16. I have seen a few folks using it for sculpin heads. Rick
  17. Very nicer looking. Way beyond my skill to do. Rick
  18. FliesbyNight. that would be something else to stick myself with. Good idea. Rick
  19. Looks like you had a fun day. I went to a pond today and fished from shore. Came home with 30 crappie and 5 nice gills. Gave a bunch to another guy at the pond. All on a chartruse fly. Rick
  20. A couple of flies from dubbing brushes I use a grubs under trees
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