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  1. I think we all threw up a little.
  2. I never understood what veevus thread numbers relate to. 12/0 veevus has always felt like 8/0 uni to me but with a flatter lay.
  3. I still can’t believe the detail, clarity and colors obtained from taking a picture with a telephone. You can see their fuzzy little heads and their spiky little legs. My mind is blown by the cell phone more so than two dragon flies humping. No doubt. I assume that’s why you noted it was shot by a telephone. Great shot.
  4. That’s an awesome shot from a cell phone.
  5. thanks for the pro tip. As luck would have it I went to the local creek again last night and found an Ozark Trail ultra light with reel in the weeds along the bank. The reel still had the two zip ties holding it to the rod. I’m guessing somebody set it on a forked stick and it got pulled in. There was a lot of line out but no fish or terminal tackle on the end. Lots of spigots on it. What kind of epoxy do you use on repair such as this? How do you think the 5 minute hardware store epoxy will work?
  6. TFO warranty is great. Send in the broken section with 35 bucks and get a ew section. Simple. Can’t beat that. I did buy a new rod and then I fixed the broken rod which now becomes what I like to call a son-in-law rod.
  7. Finally took the repaired rod out for a test at the local sunnie creek. Caught a few dozen sunnies and Rockies. I couldn't feel or see any difference in the rod in any aspect of fishing. No different feel casting, hooking or landing a fish. I fished a size 14 parachute dry, a size 12 Chernobyl ant and after watching bass swiping at my hooked sunnies again I tied on a weighted wooly bugger. Rod handled everything with zero noticeable difference. Wish I could have gotten a bass to cooperate but wasn't up to the task tonight. I sure wish I took some poppers with me but I didn’t. So far the repair looks the same and I’m pumped about that. Next up something a little bigger.
  8. Thats directly opposite of the protections of our constitution. The burden of proof is on the G-Men. So as not to be accused of hijack. I don’t think twice about biodegradable alternatives either.
  9. I’m a 100% sure it will work just fine. Nice repair!
  10. the rebar worked out nicely. The cattails are a work in progress still as I feel they need some side leaves or something. Dragon flies are also good luck. Who wouldn’t want some extra good luck in the flower beds?
  11. That must have gave your printer a workout.
  12. Wow, nice paint job on T-Rex. Off to a fine start. How big just T-Rex?
  13. I bored of making a BBQ/pizza prep table so I gave rock duck a little habitat.
  14. Welcome squeezy. Your in luck because the tools in your kit are just fine. The tasks they perform are so minor and so little is asked of them that they all work just the same regardless of cost. Lucky again in that tying flies to catch fish is as easy as tying your shoe. Jump in and start tying without fear of expense or difficulty.
  15. That’s what we did, went with a smaller fridge which is barren most of the time. Nowadays with grown kids out of the house for years now we simply prefer to store our food at the acme and pick up what we need when we need it. We store very little that requires refrigeration. The Acme is right outside our neighborhood and is a tad shy of 1 mile from my front door. Most times we walk there and grab whatever we need for the meal we are about to prepare. Some days we walk out there two times.
  16. Can’t help with the muffler but I agree with your assessment on fixing the mounts. I’d weld some angle iron on there or just repair what’s there. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to add a welder to the shop. while you have the deck off check the belt pulleys and pulley spindle shafts. On my old mower the holes in the pulleys elongated and the shafts took an hour glass shape where it went through the pulley hole. This caused excessive play casing the belts to pop off all the time. Couldn’t see the elongated hole and hour glass shaped spindle until I pulled the pulley off.
  17. I started using tippet rings very recently after somebody here recommended them. Turns out I love them. The only thing I can say is try them and see how they work for you, I don’t see or feel any difference with or without them. What I do notice is how long I can fish the same tapered leader with a ring. Having less knots and having less knots to tie and super consistent leaders and tippets overrides any concern I have of hinging. Give them a go I think you will find there’s nothing to hate about them and everything to like. At least thats been my limited experience.
  18. What no pictures of the little guy? My grand puppy was the exact opposite. It’s a burmadoodle and they were told she would be between 25 and 50 lbs. With that range you would think there was no way they could have been wrong. she maxed out at 13 pounds.
  19. Way to get out with kids and still have time to catch fish.
  20. I looked at mine. They seem to be more round than flat. I took some pictures as best I could. These are cabelas brand and I think I bought them before the merger.
  21. I use a regular old clinch knot and never an improved clinch. I currently have the cabelas brand tippet rings with no issues of line or knit breakage. I’m not sure if BPS and Cabelas brand are the same anymore. I don’t use an improved clinch because I’ve had nothing but problems with my fly breaking off at the knot long before I ever used tippet rings which I am a recent convert to. I think the problem is the improved clinch knot. Try just tying a regular old clinch knot which really never needed an improvement.
  22. Me and wheezy have done the refrigerator reversal. We no longer look for whiz bang. We don’t need a fridge that comes with an app, see through doors, water or ice dispenser, wine compartment, coffee maker in the door and whatever other dumb ideas are out there. Side by sides are out. My last purchase is a single door fridge with the freezer on the bottom. Plain and simple. If you want water there’s a faucet at the sink and a water cooler in the corner. At 1400 bucks for a cheap one I’m hoping my current fridge outlasts me.
  23. Sounds like you crossed paths with my mother in law. Did it smell like moth balls?
  24. I hear ya and suffer from that same affliction. I have a motor and foot pedal sitting under my bench. It was going on my brush maker but I prototyped the table with a hand crank just to make sure everything worked. It did and I never hooked up the motor. Good luck with the brushes.
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