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  1. What fruitrollup said. I don’t buy expensive material, period. No need to. I won’t buy jungle cock because I won’t use it even if a pattern calls for it. I would just leave it out and not substitute it with anything or simply never tie that fly. I buy inexpensive half capes and 100 packs for hackle. I stick with brown, black, Dun and grizzly. Anything else and you’re just a hoarder. Fly tying material is actually very inexpensive. I would tell you to simply use fly patterns as a guide and don’t go nuts buying every material out there because that’s what some other guy used to tie a fly. Most importantly, tie flies that’s are proven fish catchers on the waters you will be fishing and not flies that get the most “likes” by fly tiers.
  2. The struggle is real. I think we do it because it feels so good when we finally throw the scrap collection away.
  3. Whoa! The first ever squatch sighting captured on film in perfect focus and lighting!!!! Oh wait, it’s a selfie. Sorry.
  4. I agree but It’s not as absurd of an idea as a Richardson 5 drawer chest box that fly fishermen fawn over. I actually think it’s a way better idea than a chest box. I’m not sure of the website name of spinoBAIT.
  5. Pats rubber legs Hook - Mustad R75 size 10 Weight - .020 lead wraps Thread - UTC 140 black Tail/antenna - Sili legs, chrome nymph barred, silver/clear Body - Crystal chenille Legs - Sili legs, chrome nymph barred, silver/clear
  6. I fish a WW creek close to my home on a regular basis and note bass will often hit blue gills struggling to get off the hook. I had one hitting every blue gill I caught but at the time I was not carrying any bass flies. The following day I returned with a popper and on my first cast to the same rock I watched the bass coming from the previous day, he came out and exploded on my popper. It was the only fish I caught on the popper all day. I’ve also had a musky grab a hooked 9” SMB on the river. It spit the bass out about 2’ out of net range. I did catch and release the bass.
  7. MADAAM X Hook - Mustad C53S STD/3X size 14 Thread - UTC 70, watery olive Tail/body - Olive dyed deer hair Rib - UTC 210 flo green Head/wing - Bleached elk hair Legs - Round white rubber
  8. MADAAM X Hook - Mustad C53S STD/3X size 14 Thread - UTC 70, burnt orange Tail/body - Olive dyed deer hair Head/wing - olive dyed deer hair Legs - opal crystal flash/fire Orange crystal flash
  9. MADAAM X Hook - Mustad C53S STD/3X size 14 Thread - UTC 70, yellow Tail/body - Natural elk hair Head/wing - Natural elk hair Legs - Medium round rubber, yellow
  10. MADAAM X Hook - Mustad C53S STD/3X size 14 Thread - UTC 70, burnt orange Tail/body - Natural elk hair Head/wing - Natural elk hair Legs - Hareline Chicones regular crusher clear barred white
  11. Pheasant tail X caddis Hook - 12 Dry fly hook Thread - 12/0 Veevus olive Shuck - Antron sparkle dubbing Body - Pheasant tail fiber dyed purple Rib - Med gold tinsel twisted into a rope Thorax - Chartreuse ice dub
  12. Pheasant tail X caddis Hook - 12 Dry fly hook Thread - 12/0 Veevus olive Shuck - Light olive ice dub Body - Pheasant tail fiber dyed olive Rib - Sm silver uni wire Thorax - Flo shell pink ice dub Wing - Natural elk hair
  13. I only tie simple flies that I like to fish so I really don’t have a “nemesis” fly but when fly tying my nemesis is time and patience. I can’t sit at the vise and tie more than two simple flies at a time. In fact it’s more usual for me to tie one fly and a couple hours later tie another. I just get bored at the vise because I’m not really a fly tier, I’m just a guy who likes to fish and tying flies is just a small extension of that.
  14. I’ve always mistreated my Muck boots. I’m going to start taking care of them now.
  15. Only one of the six pictures is showing for me. I can only see the 2nd picture of bent wires in a tube. Is it like that for everybody or just me?
  16. If I buy an airbrush I think I could paint like that. Yeah, probably not. Your airbrushing skills and patience are off the chart. Really well done. it takes me back to the 70’s when we would pay a talented kid with an airbrush to paint our favorite album covers on the back of our jean jackets. You had to be one of those jacket painters, right?
  17. I’ve been doing the same thing or at least trying to. I still have a problem prying a dollar out of my wallet. I am getting better since my comfort is gaining in importance. Ive been eyeing up some storm bibs and a nice jacket for the boat but ponying up 5 bills for rain gear just seems wrong.
  18. Absolutely not. I was part of the force reduction as well. I was forced out of active duty into the reserves and then forced out of reserves into the national guard when combat arms units went to the guard and support units went to the USAR. I wanted to stay a 12B. I ended up retiring after 24 years and today I happily collect a small but decent pension. Funny thing was my life has been far better since being forced out into the civilian market while I was still relatively young. While I’m at it, the reserves and NG comprise almost 50% of our military. The vast majority of reservists have combat tours under their belts with many doing multiple deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq and many other places where they are separated from their families. My one fishing partner is a disabled vet injured in Afghanistan. Sadly he can't get in and out of my boat anymore. Another friend was killed in Afghanistan. So this notion of not being a veteran because of reserve status is an old school mentality, so thank you for your service Johnny. I’ll thank a vet and graciously accept a thank you at every opportunity. To be rude or act offended over a kind gesture is a glaring character flaw and in no way representative of the vast majority of veterans.
  19. Indeed, nice tie. You now unlocked the secret that dry flies are not that difficult to tie. Just takes a little practice. Keep at it.
  20. Really nice. Love the colors and the shimmer. You’re a machine. Just ridiculously consistent great ties! I don’t know how you do it. I tried and tried and tried and only made a mess. Love seeing your work. Thank you sir. Some really nice patterns being offered up this month and of course, Flytire’s flies are all impressive. Keep it up guys, it’s getting me through all this freaking rain.
  21. Poopdeck

    Solar Eclipse

    I thought the actual eclipse, 90% in SE PA, was pretty unimpressive. What I was impressed with was the carnival like atmosphere it created in the middle of the afternoon. I had a great time being out in the buzz of the eclipse. It’s fascinating how the eclipse brought everybody together for two hours. No protesting, no difference of opinions, no us vs them, just everybody out uniting during an uncommon event. That’s what I will remember. Great time, just what we needed, thank you God.
  22. I not be smacking the stacker hard enough to break the hair tips, theoretically anyway. I will add that this is bleached elk hair that could be 25 years or older. It’s in a plastic bag marked “bleached elk hair” in my father’s handwriting. I am assuming some of the tips dried out more than the shaft or had more bleach on them and are more brittle than the others. Here is a before and after of the last tuft of hair from the patch.
  23. After looking at the picture of my PMX in the challenge thread I noticed a lot of broken tips on the elk hair. I checked the elk hair and it looked fine. After further examination I learned I was breaking the tips in the hair stacker. Time for a new patch of Elk hair. PARACHUTE MADAAM X (PMX) Hook - size 8 3XL Thread - Flo orange 140 UTC/black 70 UTC Tail - Orange deer body hair Body - Flo orange UTC 140 Wing - Orange deer body hair Legs - Clear/orange barred Post - White poly Hackle - Brown dyed grizzly Thorax - UV peacock herl
  24. I once did a night fishing trip on a brutally hot sweaty Florida summer night to beat the heat. I learned it’s still uncomfortably stinking hot with the addition of more bugs than I have ever seen anywhere at one time. Yep, you can have those night trips all to yourself. It’s been in the high forties here and the fishing is good moving towards fantastic.
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