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  1. Orvis Battenkill https://www.orvis.com/battenkill-fly-reels/7H9P6124.html?adv=127748&cm_mmc=plas-G-_-fishing-hunting-_-140239953977-_-7H9P6124&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_ouq7M75_QIVUffjBx3fcwj_EAQYASABEgKLq_D_BwE
  2. Saltwater flashaboo mirage opal. It’s actually translucent with purple hues (like an American shad) but it photographed as a more solid color purple.
  3. I agree 25 to 50 of one pattern seems a bit much. Don’t forget you can easily cut material off a hook and practice away with the same hook until you start tying them how you think they should be. Foam spiders are an excellent blue gill pattern. I also like a white dry fly like a white wulff, foam ants and beetles and any wet fly like a Carrot nymph which is nothing more than orange dubbing and a partridge feather. Feel free to make the wet fly body any color you like or you can use a body of peacock herl with a partridge feather. The possibilities are endless when it comes to panfish flies.
  4. Haven’t done much tying recently but with the river temperature hitting the mid 40’s it was time to dress a few hooks for my striper tins.
  5. I always found that shotguns with pistol grips have far more recoil. I’m no physicist but it might be because your hand is more forward so it absorbs less of the rearward force meaning there’s more force hitting the shoulder??? Sounds good anyway.
  6. Chug, you can take the female threaded hub that you have to any hardware store where they have little nut and bolt thread count finder doohickey (for lack of a better name for it). They hang at every hardware store that has a nut and bolt department. Simply try threading the hub onto the different size studs until you find the one that works. That will be size threads you need for the male end on the handle. You can start with the 8-32 to see if you are correct. If not move on to the next.
  7. Every year I fill my gas tank up to the tippy top with 40 gallons of ethanol gas as part of winterizing the boat. I treat it with stabil or sea foam then it sits stowed away in the side yard for four months until April rolls around. It’s never not fired right up. I don’t put more gas in until I use up the 40 gallons I put in in late November. can’t help you with the propane conversion but I can’t help but think that you will cause yourself more headaches then running ethanol gas which simply needs to be treated with an ethanol fuel stabilizer. However, if you just like to tinker and don’t care if you potentially screw up the 6 HP it sounds like a great project. Good luck to you.
  8. +2. Facebook is a terrible medium for a forum. Facebook is over in case you haven’t heard. All the cool kids are on TicToc.
  9. Wow, I have to eat crow. I can’t believe the book got there so fast. I dropped off Wednesday morning and it arrived today. NICE!
  10. I have to say, the US Post office has to be one of the dreariest places on the planet. Dilapidated building, Unmotivated disheveled sloooooooooooooooow moving employees who clearly cannot hold a job at any other company. My thought after leaving was, it needs to be closed down and moved entirely into the private sector. There is simply no reason to maintain such a system. onto the good news, the book was mailed at 10:00 AM this morning. This should be fun to see how long it takes to get to you. I hope you enjoy it.
  11. Picking out the boat is half the battle. A 14/48 is a perfect pond or small lake boat. No so sure about a big river. Big river to me means it has giant cargo ships going up it.
  12. This is not a hare-brained idea at all. It’s also not a difficult woodworking project and the tools required are minimal. Clamps, you need lots of clamps. It’s a space and time difficult so if you have those areas licked the rest is easy. I would encourage you to ditch the row boat idea and go for at least a 14’ drift boat. Don Hill drift boats use no fiberglass at all so the bottoms can be replaced. I have worked with fiberglass before, it’s not difficult just messy. At least for me it was messy. I have never built a boat but researched it extensively. I see nothing difficult in building a boat and I am confident you would do an outstanding job. I didn’t do it because of a lack of suitable space and time. I have the Glenn L Witt boat building with plywood book that i will gladly mail to you free of charge if you PM me an address. I would love for somebody else to enjoy its content. The book was read once and in brand new condition.
  13. I also use sally hansens hard as nails. It does smell, I don’t know its toxicity but I know it dries. I apply it after I tie a knot and cut my thread.
  14. Fly tying is not an exact science. You may use whatever hook your heart desires. I rarely, if ever, use the hooks called for in fly patterns. I keep basic hooks on hand and use them on many different flies and this includes Aberdeen hooks. in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever tied a fly that uses the exact hook, thread, and materials called for by somebody else who tied a similar fly. Don't be afraid to substitute and don’t feel for one second that strict adherence to anyones pattern recipe is needed to tie a fly that will catch a fish. Tie away and fish them up.
  15. It’s good to see you back doing what you like to do. Nice catching too.
  16. I like this a lot. Really nice Nymph DF!
  17. Oh crap, now both my Regal and Griffin spit hooks. Oh boy, I guess I should have bought a renzetti. Wait, they spit hooks too. Dang it.
  18. Welcome. I can’t help you in finding someone in Michigan. However, you can learn all the ropes you want from YouTube. Although enjoyable, at least I found tying get togethers enjoyable, There really is no need for in person learning. Good thing too since Covid laid waste to most tying gatherings. YouTube has taken all the unknowns and mystery out of fly tying. use to be someone had to show you a technique in person but nowadays you can learn from your iPhone. What I’ll do is buy a single fly that I want to tie and use that fly as a model. Helps getting proportions down. Many really great tiers here so post a fly, ask for critiques and be prepared to get them and get better in the process. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  19. 50 in my neck of the woods. I just need the daylight to last a little longer.
  20. Looks too crude and elementary for a name and tying instructions. I would call it the EZ braid lashed to a hook fly. It simply looks like a piece of frayed EZ body braid tied in two places to a hook and covered in glue. Unless I’m missing something in the blur, this would be really easy to replicate by anybody without a single fly tying tool.
  21. I like the Peacock caddis better with elk hair. Hook - 16 Body - UV peacock herl Wing - bleached elk hair Hackle -Grizzly
  22. Heres a hooptie. Peacock caddis Hook - 16 Body - UV peacock herl Wing - Deer hair Hackle -Grizzly
  23. I don’t know but for what it’s worth, the guy selling them says they are way better than anything he has ever seen. New old stock.
  24. Now that’s a proper belly scratcher baitfish. I think you’re going to like the way it fishes as well. I incorporate the belly scratcher style into minnow, crayfish, swimming nymphs and anything other pattern I think will work on the river. Just doesn’t make sense to me to tie a weighted fly to ride hook point down knowing you’re going to throw it into a pile of rocks.
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