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  1. December 1, 1969 was the first draft lottery for those born between 1944 and 1950. I remember stressfully listening to the radio. I didn’t have to listen very long because my birthday came up as #12. I was in community college at the time and promptly got my draft notice when I graduated even though I kept my deferment by transferring to a state college which was always the plan. I paid my own way. So in 72 and just getting a BS in education and a teaching certificate I went to see the navy recruiter to see what chance I had of getting into the reserves. The recruiter had a billet for a builder in the Seabees. Other than a song we sang in the eighth grade music class and a John Wayne movie, The Fighting Seabees, I knew nothing of the Seabees. There was a small caveat and that was that since time in San Diego boot camp, Port Hueneme building school, and Gulfport Mississippi military training with the marines added up to more than 180 days that I would need to sign a waiver that I would accept not being classified as a veteran. The story goes on but unrelated to the topic. I always make it very clear that I am not a veteran. My wife and I were in a country sandwich shop that we frequent this last Veterans Day. The owner asked me if I was Vet and I said no. My wife smiled and the lady stared at me and I said I’m definitely not a veteran just an x reservist and declined the free lunch. She said “thanks for your service and you are not paying for your lunch”. ps: while we were told not to wear uniforms traveling it was pretty obvious who was military.
  2. The approach I used to take was to shape and trim up to the point where the whiskers were to be set, then tie the moose whiskers and then stack and trim the nose. Bruce’s technique is much more efficient of course. mouse rats
  3. Beautiful. Looks like you have a mouse factory going on.
  4. Nice job on the DH Diver. Saltwater guys swear by that color combo for nighttime fishing.
  5. Much improved! I’d say you hit a triple.
  6. Way to go! Hope you weren’t in one of those folding chairs for two days. I’ll bet you had hundreds of visitors and a thousand compliments. Lots of hours of work in those cases and on that table. Can’t read that poster over your head but very kool indeed.
  7. Crease Fly - Tinker Mackerel hook #2/0 saltwater perfect bend wide gap thread - big fly tail - arctic fox over flash over buck tail body - sticky back foam, transfer foil, markers, stick on eye, use CA gel glue (try not to glue fingers) coating - clear gorilla glue brushed on and dried on turner this is a Joe Blados pattern. There is a recent Masters on The Fly 2024 video on YouTube that I thought was a great watch. Maybe cause we are a year or two apart.
  8. I thought I’d share this here. A few days ago there was a question about bone handle tying tools. I went to the Etsy site to look since this is where unique crafts are offered that you can’t find elsewhere except eBay but the pictures are much better on Etsy. Struck out on the bone handle tools but this oversized cast aluminum vise base with an impressive HMH TVR vise really caught my eye. I read the description and checked the seller to see that he had a couple of even larger pedestal bases for sale and some custom options. Looking at the larger bases I thought that the profile plate on my vise would bang into the tool rack on the base so I messaged the seller. Ten minutes later I get a response that it wasn’t a concern. A couple more messages and he offered me a striper second for a decent discount. I couldn’t refuse. This is 11 pounds of aluminum and arrived 2 1/2 days later to pair up with my 25+ year old vise.
  9. I have an antler bodkin somewhere that I acquired years ago. I’m thinking it was from a guy on a web forum that made them and offered them to fellow tyers. I just searched and you can find them on Etsy
  10. Bruce. Love the mouse family.. Each one has their own personality. I have one of Chris Helm's in my collection. I was looking just yesterday to see if anyone posted any of his videos and disappointed to see just a few ~ 4 minute clips. Good to see you (and a few others) carrying and refining the deer hair torch. Thanks for sharing your stuff.
  11. Lots of videos out there. Master Wire Supply on Amazon is popular for brush makers looking for inexpensive 50’ or 550’ spools of stainless wire. I suggest you look on oasis benches.com and his video on dubbing table to get ideas and pit falls to avoid if you are making your own. The oasis bench can spin from both sides and keeps the fibers (hair, flash, synthetics) under just enough tension to hold the material at right angle while you comb out with dog/pet brush. I don’t see the reasoning or advantage for a 40” brush, especially with a wire core. I’m probably missing your intent.
  12. Simply elegant. This is a beauty. To me the “Wow factor” is the tapered body that puts it over the top. Don’t know if the underbody is built of thread or all floss but thanks for sharing this one and all of your others. the body is danvilles 4 strand floss
  13. Put me down for a dollar on grizzly schlappen. I guess I could dig out my copy of Veverka’s Innovative Saltwater Flies where capt. Lemay’s flies are featured.
  14. Thanks all for the feedback and thanks for taking on the quack.
  15. Gartside pheasant hopper (Galloup’s variant) size 10 next challenge is the … give me a few minutes the one I picked was recently done. next fly is the Quack 35 or so years ago l called up the Dette’s shop and ordered a couple dozen+ flies from Winnie. She helped select them and included the Quack. Mary passed away a couple weeks age at 93. There is a good chance she tied the coffin flys I got. Perhaps she tied some of the others. RIP Mary
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