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  1. Hey Poopdeck, you must be a skinny little fella! My belly would clean off your magnetic strip, when I first scooted up to the table to tie!
  2. Thanks Capt, you just educated me! I appreciate you!
  3. I don't tie to save money! I tie to relax, enjoy to satisfy my need to make something I use myself! Can you save money, sure I guess! Again, that is not why I tie. Several years ago my wife had a very aggressive cancer. I started tying 2 months before she was diagnosed. After that time, I tied to take my mind off her cancer. It cleared my mind even for a few minutes! Also, I'm a guy that likes the latest equipment! I also built my tying station. I don't save money, but I guess I could if I put my mind to it! Y'all have a Blessed weekend and Many Tight Lines!
  4. These are great! When I started I learned a lot about fly fishing and tying at a website called Fly Anglers On Lone. One thing about this sport you will always be learning!
  5. These are great! When I started I learned a lot about fly fishing and tying at a website called Fly Anglers On Lone. One thing about this sport you will always be learning!
  6. My vest has a velcro strap as do most fishing shirts. I lift the rod up so it won't touch the ground, then velcro just below an eye, problem solved!
  7. Charlie1947


    Hi Coin, Color depends on what you are fishing for or where you are fishing and even the colors you have a history with catching fish! In other words, TRIAL and ERROR!
  8. If you are a person that enjoys doing things for yourself, I suggest a pair of flip flops cutting your own poppers or buying corks and making your own poppers. You may even drink wine, if so save some of your corks and shape them to your liking! Since they are yours enjoy painting them in your favorite colors. I favorite is chartreuse, red, pink and orange or brown! Just enjoy what you are doing! If you can't nearly every tying components purveyor has poppers ready made! Tying is fun, relaxing, you can do it at any age, example, I'm 75. I have to use lighted magnifying glasses! Many tight lines!
  9. Charlie1947


    Don't forget, these are your flies, they will never go to waste! If a tie doesn't turn out like you wanted it to, who knows that may be the fishes favorite fly! If you just hate and don't want to even try to fish it, cut every thing off and start over! Many tight lines, enjoy!
  10. Remember, these are your flies! You can substitute whenever you wish, especially when you don't have what is called for! ESPECIALLY color wise! This is an awesome group with a lot of talented tiers! Feel free to ask a question!
  11. Yes you can die them! Your taking a big chance! The chance is you check for bugs sometime there are NO bugs but there are eggs or even larvae! If that happens you may lose of bunch of skins, feathers etc. Be careful! Many tight lines!
  12. Great looking ties! Are you getting short strikes(hitting the tail, short of the hook) with that length?
  13. Thanks Niveker, great tip! I appreciate you! Many tight lines!
  14. Charlie1947


    Chartreuse is my go to color. I vary the shade and any other color by water color and season and weather.
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