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  1. DFoster

    Hearing loss

    Chug we cut the cable cord this year so I haven't see that. Great commercial!
  2. I struggled with not being able to grab the mono tight enough to get it to twist correctly. Any amount of perspiration on the finger tips and there's no chance. Surgical gloves have a pretty good grip.
  3. My father was a WWII vet, while on Okinawa preparing to assault an air field he received word he was being discharged under the "only son" rule. His father had passed as a result of the long term effects of having been gassed in the trenches of WW1. My mother told the story that not long after Pearl Harbor she was so frightened by a large group of bombers passing over their family home that she hid in a shed. She was not able to tell if they were "ours" or "theirs". Terrifying days to live through for anyone. The Greatest Generation had to face a better armed enemy of Nazis and fascist (Content deleted to prevent arguments. Mike)
  4. Hi all, recently I found the video below on how to make your own furled leaders by hand twisting them without the use of a pegged board. These are very simple 50/50 -5' leaders (without the tippet) meaning when completed I have 2.5' of 4 strand and 2.5' of 2 strand. A loop to loop attaches to the fly line and at the other end I clinch knot 4' of tippet. So far I've only used 10lb mono but I intend to try other sizes of mono and other materials. I'm surprised at how well they cast on both my 7' 3" 3 weight and my 9' 5 weight. Besides costing almost nothing to make the great thing about furled leaders is that they have close to no memory and they are really durable. I thought I would share this for anyone who's interested. - I have found that wearing a surgical glove on my twisting hand works better than bare fingers at least with mono.
  5. I can't say I remember when people didn't use vises to tie flies but I was probably alive when this was filmed. At 16:50 Lee demonstrates tying without a vise- BACK ON TOPIC; In a perfect world the local fly shop would have at least one of every premium or hand made vise sitting on the shelf for us to try out. The Fly Fishing shows have the largest variety that I know of. Over the years I have been able to handle most of the premium vises available on the market at the various dealer stations. If your serious about buying, some will allow you a test drive and tie a couple of fly's. Even if you don't actually get tie you can still get a feel for the quality and engineering level in a way that a youtube video can never provide. On occasion pro tyers have allowed me to test their own vise functions like rotary action and opening and closing the jaws including a LAW and a J-Vise. If I was considering spending $500 + on a vise like a Talon it would probably be worth making the trip to the closest or biggest show.
  6. Poopdeck the HMH TRV is the last vise I will ever own and I suspect you will find many people on the forum with the same opinion. So my advice is to try one out.
  7. Exactly why I purchased the HMH TRV. I love the design of the law but the copies that were being produced at the time hadn't been around for very long. Generally speaking they were a "one man show"- most if not all being produced in a basement machine shop. That in itself isn't a bad thing, after all the original LAWs were made by one guy (I believe working from his home) and like Barry said the design is not prone to failure. Still things can fail and to my way of thinking with HMH having been in business for 40 years parts should be easy to come by. Plus I can drive from my house to the shop in under 2 hours and I talk to the owner John Larrabee at the fly fishing show every year.
  8. As did I - not that I'm looking for a new vise but I wish he would have placed a few hooks in the jaws. Close attention to the effort required could tell me if the engineering is actually there or if it's just over priced because it looks like a Law. I have noticed from watching Davie McPhail and Oliver Edwards videos how easy it appears to clamp the hook with an actual Law. They don't need to "crank" on knob to firmly hold a hook and usually just roll the knob with their thumb. As for the $895 price obviously Renzetti Master, J-Vise, Tiemco II, the Swiss vise and other top of the liners are all in that club. At that price I start to wonder where the line between the cost being justified by manufacturing, materials, design and "Ooh shiny" is. Still if you work for your money you can spend it on what you like.
  9. Thank you all for the replies! I thought the first was silver pheasant (maybe) but I didn't have a clue on the 2nd one.
  10. Hi everyone, my daughter runs a part time business creating custom crafts. For a recent wedding she needed some feathers for boutonnieres which she purchase through an on line commercial craft supplier. She gave the extra's to me which consisted mostly of pheasant and guinea hen. However there were two small bags that I couldn't ID. They were labeled only craft feathers. If anyone can ID these I would really like to know what bird they're from. Thanks- I'm pretty sure I've seen these hanging in a fly shop somewhere. These look like iridescent blue green turkey flank but from the dime you can see how small they are.
  11. We have a grandchildren IT dept. They even have the same eye roll as the IT pro at the office!
  12. DFoster

    Hearing loss

    Thank you Steve. After a day they are performing as well as my previous set which is all I was asking for. As I dial them in to specific situations they should perform better. Beltone's new top of the line models would do better but these are 1/6 the cost so overall I'm extremely pleased. The type of fishing (streams) I do was a challenge for my previous hearing aids, much like restaurants because they want to over amplify the ambient sounds like moving water. Because I can adjust these while at the river I will be able to find a best results setting for fishing and that was next to impossible while sitting inside an audiologist office. Still nothing beats the factory equipment.
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