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  1. The Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear was first tied as a wet / nymph type pattern without any wings. Dressing was: Body: Dark fur from the root of a Hare's ear spun on yellow or primrose silk Ribbing: Flat gold tinsel Hackle: Long strands of body dubbing picked out with a dubbing needle Whisks: Three strands as hackle Hook: 14 to 16 This is all from the book, A Dictionary Of Trout Flies. A. Courtney Williams also wrote that he stood on dangerous ground referring to the original dressing, since nobody knows when or by whom the pattern was invented.
  2. Here's a pic of an original. You just need to have the clipped hair part a little more back from the eye. Having the right sized hair for the hook size helps big time as well.
  3. It seems to work just fine consistently when using Microsoft Edge. When I switch to Google Chrome, it's hit or miss. More so on the miss side. Regards, Mark
  4. Hi Sandan, I really like Atherton patterns too! I bought a re-print of the book quite a while back. The problem is that the re-print doesn't have the detailed color for the fly illustrations that the first edition has. Maybe on Kindal it's different. Here is an extremely good copy that a very nice person mailed to me that is as close as possible to the way that it appears in his first edition. I would have PM'd this, but it only has a URL link to the web, and not a picture attachment provision. Regards, Mark
  5. From a brief search right here that's not too old. https://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/93249-nayat/&tab=comments#comment-818239 Regards, Mark
  6. I use a lot of it for mainly one pattern, the Ausable Ugly. All sizes of brown trout just love that pattern and its usually the first one that I tie on if I don't see any specific hatch that the fish are targeting. Regards, Mark
  7. Satin Fin Streamer Hook: Mustad streamer 6X Tail: Very few fibers of yellow marabou cut off vertically just beyond the bend of the hook Body: Wound with white floss, slightly tapered Ribbing: Flat medium silver tinsel Throat: Very few fibers of yellow marabou, cut off vertically to the same length as the tail Wing: Two blue saddle hackles, on each side of which is an orchid saddle hackle, all the same length and extending slightly beyond the tail Cheeks: J C, small Originated by Keith Fulsher, from Bates Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing book
  8. Here's a pic of an old tying catalog from the 50's that I spotted on ebay a long while back. Check out the upper right hand corner. Veniards sold a sub for it back in the early 50's as well.
  9. Here's an answer Regards, Mark
  10. How strong does it have to be ? After reading your post, I spun elk and deer hair onto an old Mustad #5 wet fly hook. I used YLI 100 silk thread and left it on the end. The color is 231 which is pretty close to Pearsall's 6A. There are two bunches each of elk, X-caddis deer, and yellow deer body hair towards the eye in that order. It's spun and tied half assed, but the point being that I didn't break the YLI thread to flare and spin the body. The pic is below to compare how close Pearsall's is to YLI 100. I have YLI 100 as a back up to Pearsall's if I ever run out of it.
  11. They only had two issues for 1995, then combined the fall/winter 1996 issue. Regards, Mark
  12. A Darbee Bronze Dun Neck that I have. Regards, Mark
  13. I sent an email to them after reading this note yesterday. According to Bucky, Cam bought BRF a little over 7 years ago from Craig. They have a new supplier for good quality hides, which are drying and should be ready to cut up and sell very early next year. Whitetail Fly Tying moved their shop from Illinois to North Carolina just a month or so ago to be closer to their family. Just some deer hair news, sorry for the slight hijack..
  14. Bunyan bug wings. I tied these in size 8 for smallies a few months ago with horse mane wings, and the streams never went low enough to try them out. Maybe next year..
  15. Here's a blast from the past. Twenty years ago now...
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