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  1. Way way back, when we had the salmon and classic wet fly sister forum, someone there mentioned these for a super bargain deal so I snapped one up. You can still find these on Amazon, but I think that the price went up a bit more than it was ten years ago.
  2. In Bates book it has " A very small section of a mottled turkey wing quill, no longer than the gap of the hook" I've got some very light colored mottled oak turkey feathers, so it really might be what it is. This one is a little off topic here, but a really neat colored one just labeled smelt
  3. I took a look in Bates Streamer Tying & Fishing to check the recipe. There's no bucktail mentioned for the underwing, just two golden edged badger saddle hackles. Here's what Oatmans originals looked like. Someone had a small bunch they were selling on ebay in the early summer of 2022. I just saved the pics rather than spend hundreds on the flies.
  4. Did this replace the Danbury Arts of the Anglers show, or is this a completely different one from the get go? Regards, Mark
  5. Here's a really good article all about the late Carrie Stevens and her streamer patterns including a step by step pictured autopsy of one of her Blue Devil patterns. It's from the American Fly Fisher magazine. I'll try and post the link to it below if it works here. It starts on page 10, and concludes around page 20 if I remember correctly. 2002-Vol28-No2.pdf (amff.org) Regards, Mark
  6. Hi Norm, There's supposedly a few in stock at Slide Inn for $4.50. His site isn't that great as far as going by the "in stock" listing, since he got me a couple of months ago with a patch of Nature's Spirit comparadun hair that had 23 in stock when I bought a patch, and then I got a call from them saying they were actually out. For weeks after, they still had at least five still in stock listed for that item. Nature’s Spirit Squirrel Tail - Guided Fly Fishing Madison River | Lodging | Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn Dyeing it black I would think would be easy depending on the type of dye used. Regards, Mark
  7. A belated Thank you !! I just got home from work again just now. You guys make me feel like a real slow poke tying these patterns. Really nice job on the Shakey Bealy nivecker ! The Bullet Head Hopper came out really good also Heff2 . I would have thought that it would slow up here with all the other stuff going on during the warm season. Regards, Mark
  8. Got home from work this afternoon and gave this one a shot. This version is from George LaBranche's 1914 book that is available on the net since it's so old. Pink Lady Hook: Allcocks W173 size 12 Tail: Ginger spade hackle Thread: white in the back and body, black to finish it off in the front. Body: Light pink floss with a small flat gold metal tinsel ribbing. Wings: Starling Hackle: The same ginger that was used for the tail, only it came from a smaller feather away from the capes edge (older Metz) Next Fly Challenge: Shakey Bealy standard or purple color
  9. It's funny that you chose an Adams as an example for variation. According to an old March 2005 issue of Fly Rod and Reel magazine, there are no less than 4,095 Adams dun variations, not counting hook sizes, parachutes or the female version. That article was written by A.K. Best 😉 Regards, Mark
  10. Trouttramp, A very nice job on the Crackleback! Getting on this forum seems to be a little hit or miss the last several days for some reason. I can't do anything but view it at work now since it's forbidden to be linked to any public internet place and I'm not supposed to be doing even that either. Regards, Mark
  11. Walt Dette version Coffin Fly Size 12 long shank vintage Mustad hook Thread: Black Tail: Three peccary hairs, divided Underbody: White poly yarn Body: White saddle hackle with the barbs trimmed to a short stubble, wrapped over the white poly yarn. The wraps should not be touching one another Rib: White 210 denier flat waxed nylon, counterwrapped over the trimmed hackle Wing: Divided segments of well-marked teal flank curving out (I used two feathers) Hackle: Golden badger Next Up : Ed Story's CRACKLEBACK
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