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  1. Another link with even more info on the differences between the two. It's from the owner of Cookshill Fly Tying over in the UK. He skins and cures pretty much all the pelts he sells. His stuff is very high quality. https://www.flyfishing-and-flytying.co.uk/articles/view/quality_control_what_determines_quality_in_natural_fly-tying_materials/
  2. They have it broken down at Flyshacks website explaining what's included and what each piece is best for. The picture of it looks just like Norm / flytire described and posted. Regards, Mark
  3. In Frederic Halford's 1886 book Floating Flies and How to Dress Them, it's the shiny side forward. I guess that was a little bit before genetic hackle was available 😉
  4. I always thought they were Fallfish. We just call them chubs up here too. The tail looks more forked since it's hanging vertically. Here are a couple of shots of when they get a little larger.
  5. Take a look at some of Preston Jennings streamer patterns here . They will give you some ideas to at least get started with some of the colors that you may have. Regards, Mark
  6. Overtons works just fine for silk or any other type of thread. I have dark cobblers wax that I use for Greenwells Glory type flies, but for just about everything else, it's Overtons. It's now available just about everywhere and one tube will last more than a lifetime. Regards, Mark
  7. If it has peacock, it's a Troth or American version PT. Some Sawyer tied ones below from the web.
  8. This comes up here every now and then. He uses them as fertilizer. Here's the thread
  9. Unless you happen to own one of these vises and don't use anything to catch the clippings 😀
  10. Second one down, Coyote fur. I thought it might be red fox, but fox doesn't have much grey under fur until you get around the belly. Third one, Moose mane, fourth one, moose body hair. Fifth one down might be US opossum, but am not positive. Regards, Mark
  11. I've owned my first one since around 2001, and the only thing that's gone wrong were me losing the nylon washers for it over time. Not every thread spool will fit on it either, but most do. I have a concrete floor so I'm very careful about getting it too close to the edge of my bench since if it drops, it may break the ceramic tube. Several years ago, there was a thread on one of these forums about the replacement washers. The OP wrote that all you had to do was contact them and they would send you a bunch free of charge, no problem. When I contacted them, they were quick to reply that they were available at most big box hardware stores. They did get back to me pretty fast though.
  12. They are taking orders for The Flytiers Benchside Reference book that's being re-issued through Amato publishers. It's only $80.00 with a free one year subscription to Fly Tying and Fishing magazine included. It's supposed to have better pics than the first publication. The site displays free shipping for orders over $75.00 . They have a September issue date which really isn't all that far away. I've had one since it first came out. It has "just about" every tying technique covered. Here's the link Regards, Mark
  13. Hi James, The primaries are really good for wings on No Hackles and Henryville Specials. They'll work on just about any smaller sized patterns that call for quill wings. Greenwell's Glory dries or wet wings etc.etc. Regards, Mark
  14. It sounds like you are just waiting a little too long to set the hook. The hook length or type of fly shouldn't have anything to do with a deep hook set. Make sure that you don't have much, if any slack line out so you can see or feel the take right away. You should be pleased as punch that your fly is working as well as it is. Regards, Mark
  15. Yet another option for that type of design ... https://www.premiervices.com/pedestal-vices
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