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  1. What the heck, count me in. They did a feature on Renegades a year or so back. I'll do those if I can't find anything else.pr EDIT: If I can get the proper hackle in time, I'll be doing the Little Yellow Stone from the article "Spring Patterns for the Rocky Mountains." If I can't get it, can I tie a variant? I usually use cream hackle for this fly.
  2. redietz


    If I can find someone to borrow a camera from, I will.
  3. redietz


    There's an even simpler way to tie a blood worm with D-tubing. Just strap a short piece on top of the hook with open spiral wraps. The front stops just short of the hook eye, and I usually add a couple of turns of peacock herl there just to make it feel like I've actually tied something. The rear extends to the back of the hook (but it's only strapped down to the bend). I've caught many fish on that over the years.
  4. With the big caveat that the comparison is between line weight (AFTMA #) and the diameter of a silk line: Wi And as I said above, in many cases, you may prefer one modern weight lighter than the chart indicates.
  5. Some misinformation on that page! Weber sold rods as well as flies, mostly trade rods made by Heddon. I've got a couple of them.
  6. "D" is usually equated to a modern 6 weight, and since tastes have changed to prefer faster feeling rods, many (not all by any means) cast better with a 5.
  7. He certainly used it for the Gray Wulff and the Grizzzly Wullf, and it's still used for those flies. The Royal Wullf isn't actually one of Wulff's patterns; it was Dan Bailey's.
  8. That's correct -- Hoagy B(ix) Carmichael is the son of composer, not the composer. And he's very much still with us.
  9. Which one do you think offers better job satisfaction? Not everything boils down to the Benjamins.
  10. It's not really a question of being offended; it's a question of not feeling that they belong here. If I were to find a site where, say, a bachelorette party was being planned, I wouldn't be offended, but I wouldn't feel that I belonged, either.
  11. I rest my case that this site might make women uncomfortable.
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