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  1. Sam Looper is doing some real nice stuff with them. look for him on FB or Instagram.
  2. I don't believe there are any reasons not to use them if they serve the purpose.
  3. A larger hook in the front will help the streamer keel and track better. As to sizes, some say the front should be 2 sizes bigger than the rear hook. I dont think that needs to be written in stone tho. Most of mine are done with a hook 1x larger than the rear, the most popular being a #4 b10s in the back and a #2 b10s in the front. If i want more body a partridge hook replaces the front.
  4. 1\0 Bunny divers only 6 dozen more to go!
  5. I'm not sold, I do a lot of stacked bugs and during the carve I am continuously flexing the blade. So much of it has to do with the " feel" as you trim.
  6. I just got some nice snowshoe feet from rumph.
  7. I have the jr. Have had no problems tying large bugs with it. I like it's compact size as real estate is at a premium on my bench.
  8. Support American tyers. Just sayin....
  9. ugh i use the same plastic comb, i have static terrible some days. Its not the fuzz but the deer hair shavings that stic terribly. I rub mine in a dryer sheet. eems too help
  10. Double deceiver olive/yellow Drunk & Disorderly yellow Sulking Sculpin olive/white belly
  11. I also use the large sewing needle. I coat the bottom of my bugs with liquid fusion. I feel enough soaks up into the deerhair to also cement the rubber legs in place. I've never had them pull back out.
  12. I'd love to see a pattern for Popeyes prmicuous wife.Google is not giving the images I'm looking for. Lol
  13. Yeah maybe time to try veevus. Thx guys.
  14. ^^^ It has been just the 70, I just have had a run of them in the last year.
  15. Anyone else have this happen? Thread is just falling of the spool.
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