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  1. I know that the news sensationalizes these storms...but watch out Mike, this one looks pretty bad for central Florida...hope it just passes by!
  2. The Universal 2 was my first serious vise..I still like the simplicity of this vise and the fact that it is a rotary vise.
  3. The snot flies have a vague resemblance to Gary LaFontaine's deep sparkle caddis pupae.
  4. My theory with high end cars is that you can't make them at too high a price...there are way too many people out there with more money than brains - and as soon as one is sold, his idiot neighbor will have to get a more expensive one!!!
  5. flyty1

    Why "Rocco"

    Rocco - I think that is great! My dog passed over 40 years ago and I talk to her all the time. My situation I feel, won't let me keep a dog since it would break my heart to leave my buddy alone all day. I am very lucky to work in a plaace that welcomes dogs - I keep extra special treats for my canine visitors. I even come across someone's pet that really connects with me. It is such a joy these furry friends can demonstrate!
  6. Bass Pro and Cabela's have dual cases for 2, 4 pc 9' fly rods with reels - price is around $50.
  7. Steve - I can tell from your posts that you are letting of lots of the accumulated steam!! Keepup the good work and have fun!
  8. I like the part where I don't see other anglers! The great streams around me get some pretty heavy fishing pressure.
  9. Enjoy a very well deserved rest and relaxation Steve...we all are there with you in spirit!
  10. So glad that you are recovering nicely! Keep up the good work!
  11. Hey Mike - I agree with Dave G...you have a few more years before parts start to fall off! Happy Birthday - how are you feeling these days?
  12. Over the years, I have come to favor small plano boxes - each with hooks by application. I can pull out one of these small boxes when I am churning out a dozen or two of a few sizes of the same type of fly...this works for me but your personal milage may vary!
  13. I hope you have a great time and catch lots of fish!
  14. You can fix stupid! A good whack in the head with a sledge hammer ought to do it.
  15. I wish I could help Norm - but I am like you. The best way I can draw is with a T-square and triangle!!
  16. Since I don't take a fish unless it is going to be consumed as soon as I get home, I count a "catch" as soon as I can get a look at them! If I can release a fish without having to touch them, everyone wins!
  17. I call it diving down the rabbit hole! You can produce some very fine flies for very little money - save some cash and get the satisfaction of catching fish on something you created! Beware though, if you have some "collector" in your DNA - this can turn into a major sickness! I started out at age 8 - tying flies to save money (that was more than 55 years ago). Well, having this sickness for so long - I now have a room filled with hooks, feathers, fur, and synthetics! Save money! If I add up the cost of materials and tools - then divide by how many flies I have tied, it probably comes out to more than $300.00 per fly!
  18. I don't think many people think of PA as a great fishing location! Let's promise to keep it quiet between all of us! GooDd times and many fish to all!
  19. I try to put as much backing on the reel with the fly line so it won't impede the spool removal when the reel is finished. I add backing, remove the fly line from the 2 pc spool it is sold on (but not removing the ties around the fly line) I take the fly line and push it into the reel up to the backing to get a sense if I have added enough backing. It is a judgement call but with very little practice, you will have a good feel without having to pull all the line and backing off the reel. One caution though, the older reels (without an exposed spool are only filled to the edge of the spool, not the edge of the reel)M
  20. I second the inexpensive boxes - if you decide to buy at a fly shop, fishing store, or show - I like small, thin boxes that are transparent - I can fit many of these in my vest and see what is inside without having to open it. I recently made up a box (the smallest Bass Pro sells) of #14 and #16 flys - this little box held 1/2 gross (72) flies!!!!
  21. Good to hear that you still have your sense of humor buddy!! Really hope your recovery goes fast - and by all means GO FISHING - you don't have to tell us that it is your happy place!!! For guys like us it is meditation and communication with nature!!!!
  22. The primrary reason the fly line spools are made so they can come apart is so the line can be removed from the packaging and used to measure how much backing can be wound on the fly reel before the line (with tge backing) will fill the reel without exceeding the capacity of the reel!
  23. If you worry about the fumes from head cement, you should know that the FDA has determined that human salavia is the major cause of cancer in the USA - but only when taken in small amouts over a long period of time...best advice is to spit as often as possible!
  24. I have used both the braided loops and a standing loop at the end of my fly lines for more than 30 years!! 15 or 20lb Amnesia makes a good connection with a perfection loop on the leader end and a nail knot on the fly line end - a little tricky to make a neat nail knot but it works great!!
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