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  1. Jaydub i don't. I only remember i got them at Bob Marriott's about 10 years ago because one of my kids saw them n liked them.
  2. O guys look i found my hackle nabbers. I don't know if they still make them but they work great for delicate soft hackles.
  3. Those hackle pliers work great for their intended use. I also use those for twisting dubbing loops, they are easy to spin.
  4. These are my swiss hackle pliers.
  5. Hi guys! I've used many hackle pliers n the one's that work best for me are called swiss hackle pliers. They're inexpensive n hold dry fly hackles soft hackles biots n stems w no slipping. I've had mine for over 10 yrs. Those c and f are nice but too expensive for me.
  6. A spider Hook U series 105 size #12 Thread body Danville 6/0 waxed in orange Rib Silver wire utc ex small Hackle hen cape died black. This pattern works great here in southern California for the stocker rainbows.
  7. What do you call that spider pattern? I would fish it!
  8. It might help! Tightlinevideos on youtube has a short video on how to place the herl on right were the fibers stick strait out when you wrap it on the hook shank. It helped me out a lot n my flies look more uniform. That one looks great for a size 20.
  9. I'm fishing pan fish here in southern California 7 out of the 10 flies are nymphs or wets the other 3 out of 10 are dries. The nymphs get picked up a lot more.
  10. Black olive n amber mainly for stone flies. I prefer goose for stone flies n turkey for bodies, takes a little extra time to learn how to use them correctly.
  11. Yes everyday a minimum of 25 flies. I then take a car ride to the lake and as i do my cardio (walk) ( minimum of 8 miles) i offer my flies to fishermen. The hobby pays for it self!
  12. I mainly use a 9w with heavy clausers in white. I fish los angeles county n orange county here in California. Keep it simple.
  13. Joined the local 300 laborers in 1990 for 1 year. Started working for private investigators full time for about 20 years n then went part time and became a part-time realtor here in the Los Angeles area. Lets see what's next!
  14. ERIC OTZINGER for his dry fly patterns.
  15. Yeah a chop stick with one end flat n a notch cut right in the center. Place the line on the notch n guide it to the hook, give a short up n down pull n it's out! It takes plactice!
  16. Finally found this thread again! I walked into Bob Marriott's fly fishing store and they have a couple of Matarelli bobbin holders and whip finishers. They also had other no longer made bobbin holders. Just go on their web page n search "Matarelli" n they'll come up if they are still there! Good luck.
  17. And yes next time i show to Bob Marriott's I'll take a look for different colors of that stuff. I've seen it there but every time i go there I get side tract. I personally think that place is better than Disneyland down the street! Sometimes i want to cry when i leave. Lol
  18. It's my experience BB peacock green is a go to color for pan fish. Mid summer (super hot days) the chartreuse n white for the crappie n small (6") bass. That material is fine, personal i like bucktail, or on size 10 or 12 i use calf tail.
  19. O they will! That's one of my favorite patterns for the summer her in the big city of Los Angeles. The peacock i believe will work best!
  20. That's a fantastic fly for carp in the Los Angeles river!
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