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  1. I would be happy to fish out of your fly box any time if your flies look like that. The more you tie the more you will find your rhythm and style and your flies will be consistent.
  2. There have been so many fly tyers that have inspired me over the years. Jack Dennis i was lucky to meet and tye with him as well as Gary LaFontaine sat in a class that he was giving what a great and kind soul. John Shewey what great technician when it came to Spey and steelhead flies. Marvin Nolte one of the most knowledgeable individuals to tie classic salmon flies. There is Brian wise on youtube that has been great to learn from when it come to articulated streamers I love his videos but for me I never listen to the music that is embedded not my style but if you like great content with out the long drawn out explanation how to he is well work the time to watch. Then there are the member on this forum that inspire me on a daily basis some are the newer tyer as well as the long time tyer and to see what they have to share the depth of knowledge here is priceless
  3. That is a great book I have owned it at one time enjoy it.
  4. I have been having this problem from the time I started using this site I cannot go to the next page or go back a page what ever the pages showing are the only once I can view. I have a lap top, a ipad, droid and there is different between the product I just have lived with it even though I would like to see posting that folks have shared.
  5. Vicente I like the labels and how they have them flipped for me a good Stout or brown ale works
  6. Tidewaterfly If you like the Blacker fly plates I think that you will like the George Kelson plates from the Salmon Fly
  7. James

    Gunnison, CO

    Sandman I was in the area at the same time I fished the upper Taylor then the catch and release that same day till midnight mind you. Then the next day was on the Gunnison just below Almont , the weather and fishing was great I will be back up next week
  8. I have a tiemco that was available for a very short time and didn't like it so gave it away to a friend I think he may still have it
  9. Vicente I was able to try it out last night for me it has just the right of sweetness with a taste of fruit peach and oak spice flavor and a bit of heat being higher in alcohol then most but it is a decent bourbon
  10. I found this today and thought I would share and started to wonder what other spirit or other beverages might have fly fishing theme labels
  11. If you tie wets the the feather will give the appearance of leg to some degree as for nymphs patterns like the birch creek , half backs and other similar stone fly nymph patterns when you wrap the hackle that will represent legs I hope this helps
  12. Now that is a great looking set I know that you will have a blast chasing the pike in your area you may want to tie on longer ones
  13. I think you will find that it will be fine really should be similar to other brands. For me when I need more and need to refill dubbing boxes I like to be able order same as what I have been using. Plus you will eventually buy a box here and oh I like that for this and oh I need that and oh yeah I can use this and then before you know it you will have more dubbing than you will use in three life times. I am guilty and I would bet that there are other that will say the same make it fun and like others have shared don't over think it
  14. Rainbow warriors if you have pearl tinsel or any color will work for midge larvae patterns
  15. That look great you might want to tie them in chartreuse also. I have no idea if the book by Barry Reynolds is still available but if you can find a copy it is well worth locating one. Pike on a Fly It has bunny flies and if I am correct it may cover the behavior of these toothy guys
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