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  1. I just had a thought it may work for you needs have you tried a wing post gallows some folks use them for me I just hold the post with my fingers while wrapping the base
  2. I find this interesting I have a Master vise as well as the presentation 2000 and I have tie thousands of flies in the 18 to 24 range mostly nymphs but I do tie lots of 18 & parachute drys and have never been hampered by what you explain you have encountered I wish I could see what you are doing that cause you the frustration. I thing that I could say is if you have a fly shop near you go see them someone or everyone that works there a tiers and they would be able to help you I wish I could offer you more
  3. TS These are size 6 that I have been swinging also I will be heading out to the Colorado sometime the end of June with box full of these and streamers
  4. Hay TSMcDougald You ask about dubbing for the thorax I like to use a couple different materials on flies that are size 12 or larger one is good old Ice dubbing and the other is quick decent this one has some weight to it and helps to keep under and provide a bit of flash swinging wet on a spey rod is a gas is you have not tried.
  5. Here is a wet fly that I like to use with my spey rod when we have run off in the spring this has been productive during the caddis hatch
  6. Just food for thought I will pick size 16 hook standard or wide gap use a size 16 hackle and leave as a standard dry fly or if I want it to float flush on the surface I will trim the hackle off the bottom of the fly so really gap is not a problem try it out and see what work for you
  7. Have have for a while been using baseball card holder take a small section on single side foam place where you would like to have your fly push the point of the fly through the foam close the case and you can view from both sides. I you are hand with wood working you could build a stand and place the baseball display case on to the wood base if you would like some photos I can some later.
  8. I think that you would find full skins minus the tail if you look at Blue Ribbon fly shop in West Yellowstone I had shared with the individual that was looking for fur to tie Humpys. I have not needed any fur or skins in years but this shop has always had the best selection
  9. Not sure where you do business but over the years one of the best place that I have found for hair has been Blue Ribbon Fly Shop in West Yellowstone share with them what you are tying and they will hand select the best hair material for your needs.
  10. As others have shared feather craft is pack full of everything you would need also cabelas has a fly fishing only catalog that provides you with everything from fishing to fly tying
  11. Hi there all I am new here and thought that I would check to see if there were any European style Fisher here and would like to see what way you are tying your flies for this method of nymphing. For me I have been tying standard nymphs and adding one size tungsten larger to the pattern rather the start to tie all new patterns. Thanks James
  12. Hi I am new here and have this you could have for $140 plus shipping I have other vises that get used more often . James
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