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Fly Tying

When big fish eat little - RETURN IN MAIL

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Open to the first 12 that say I'm in. Any streamer, bucktail, or pattern tied to resemble a baitfish. Due before April 15th, 2022 (just before tax day) all standard swap rules apply (toe tags and self-addressed mail envelops with stamps or $ to cover return postage. Send 12-- you will not receive one of yours back unless there is a cancellation. I encourage new members to join. Thanks for participating in advance.

I'm tying a professor streamer and will also include a Goldie as tied by Dick Empie (I just finished tying 12 dozen)

Mail to

Chris Hubert

223 Todd Hollow Road

Plymouth, CT - 06782


1. Woodenlegs, Clouser Minnow -RECIEVED

2. jvmills, TBD

3.Chasing_Tails,  EP/Congo Hair Minnow - RECIEVED

4.vicrider, Texas classic Cypert Minnow.  - RECIEVED

5.stabgnid, TBD - RECIEVED

6.DarrellP, Whistler  - RECIEVED

7.cencalfly, Matuka- RECIEVED

8.johnw1986, TBD- RECIEVED

9.WWKimba,   Martini series- RECIEVED

10.Stellahound01, sculpin- RECIEVED

11.fishingbobnelson, Dark Silhouette Minnow- RECIEVED

12.Mudfish620, AG's UV Minnow - RECIEVED

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5 hours ago, Woodenlegs said:

I’m in

Have you sent your flies in yet? I'll take a spot in this one early so I don't get overrun again. This is my tying season and at 60 today it will be drawing to an end.

April 15th related to tax day? It's two days after my birthday. 

Edit that to say the temp is supposed to hit 60 today. I'm way past that 60 degree mark.


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6 hours ago, flytire said:

i'm now going to pass on this one

Thank you for the consideration, Norm, hopefully next time 🙂

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