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Start thinking Christmas Swap

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Cut off for sign up is Nov. 17th to have flies here by Nov. 24th.

Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2017! The object of this swap is that you send me your flies (amount stated below) and I photograph them, wrap them and randomly send them to your secret swapper, trying to match fishing preferences. The secret swapper does not know until they open them, who they are from. There may be Secret Santa prize's that are randomly given away to the swappers that have their flies to me on time! There are a few changes from last year's swaps to try to make things more equitable for tiers and receivers.
I will need either a PM or email from each participant including your name, address, AND I would like each participant to give their preference of category or type they would prefer their flies in and I will try to match these as much as possible.
The deadline for this swap will be November. 25th. Flies to be here by that time. Foreign shores anticipate your mailing time to make deadline. When I receive your information I will add you to the swapper’s list. If you would like to join in and you are sure you can make the deadline that the flies have to make it to me by the due date, reply with I'M IN and pm or email me your information! THERE IS NO POST REQUIREMENT TO JOIN THIS SWAP.

I am going to make a big change from last year that will help me keep things organized. I want all boxes sent in 6" x 9" or 9" x 11" envelopes or make sure they'll fit in one. I will provide the 6" x 9" or 9x11 bubble mailers on my end. Santa can't afford 30 or hopefully more postages from the North Pole so please include return postage to your addy , stamps, cash or paypal to my account.

Flies will be due by 11-24-17 (Due by 11-24-17, not shipped by 11-24-17.), so they can be photographed, gift wrapped and be on their way to their secret swapper's before Christmas.

These are the categories to send in. Pick one! The Guidelines are Minimum gift packages.

1) 12 of your favorite freshwater flies...These can be 12 different flies or 4 sets of 3. Please gear these flies toward a particular type of fish and let me know, even tho there is a lot of crossover. i.e. panfish, trout, shad, skipjack etc.

2) 6 saltwater or large freshwater geared flies. i.e. crabs, intruders, articulated. Specify in general what flies are geared toward.

3) 3 stacked deer hair bugs. Normally considered bass bugs but skating mouse is a known big trout system.

4) 1 Fully dressed Classic Salmon fly designed primarily for display tho it could be fished if person was crazy.

Members WILL put their flies in a flybox and send them. It makes it nicer for the person getting your flies. The flybox should be a nice box like you would use appropiate to fit your flies. Remember that the fly box is part of the gift and nice boxes can be had for reasonable cost if you shop a bit. No Altoids tins on this one.
You are NOT limited to listed amount of flies. I CANNOT balance the amounts of flies and box when cross matching the swappers and secret santas so sending in several extra is great but cannot guarantee getting back anything except minimums.

You decide what you think someone would like to receive, tie them up and send them in. No limit to the amount of swappers.
Thank You, Vicrider
Nick Szabo
PO Box 361
Cheyenne OK 73628
[email protected]

Yes, there have been a few changes in this swap and I hope to make it fun, equitable, and get each person flies geared toward their preference as much as possible. Let's have fun and the sooner I get all the flies the nicer they'll be packaged and returned. Once back to receivers I expect them to sit UNMOLESTED under tree until Christmas morning.rolleyes.gif I promise to keep better track of where your flies go and be able to give that info if no one responds to your flies.

There is no limit to how many can participate in this swap. Considering it's Christmas, the more the merrier.

Notes based on last year's questions...
1. Yes, my email is paypal connected for postage

2. To clarify a point, I'm going to try again on this since I've had a couple of questions on it.
Let's say you're in for a panfish swap. Now, let's say you don't know 12 panfish flies you can tie comfortably and send in. Okay, no one (most anyway), wants a dozen identical Bluegill Bullies. If you're only comfortable with a few different patterns fine. Just mix them up so you have no more than 3 of any single pattern so the person will have some variety in his box. This could be as simple as 4 sets of 3 different patterns, 4 sets of 3 similar but different color or weight or size patterns, or 2 sets of 3 patterns and 6 different patterns. Not trying to confuse anyone here, just trying to make it clear that this is not the swap where we try to tie 12 identical patterns.

3. Since it was brought up by someone, I will include the Santa's surprise for at least one lucky member drawn at random. This will consist of some flies sent as extras by generous souls and maybe a few tying materials I have in surplus. At least one special surprise, maybe more.


1. Wooden Legs..........received

2. dflanagan.................received

3. Trouta-Control.........received

4. Flat Rock Native......received

5. MuskyFlyGuy...........received

6. Piker 20..................

7. Rick Zieger..............received

8. Wetsock..................received

9. Li'l Dave..................received

10. Add147.................received

11. Kudu.....................received

12. Jtoddtx..................

13. Will......................received

14. agn54..................received

15. stabgnid...............received

16. Mainard...............received

17. Mike West...........received

18. Fishin' Bob..........received

19. BigRedFan..........received

20. Bimini 15..............received

21. caloosa bug.........received

22, Camo Clad W'er...received

23. Michael Ray..........received

24. Breambuster.........received

25. Vicente..................

26. Dubs.....................received

27. Hazathor...............received

28. FisherBoy..............received

29. Old Hat..................received

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Sign me up for Trout Flies



Just for clarification Flies are due 11/20/17 not the deadline stated as the 25th




Note I'd take bass flies

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Good catch Woodenlegs. This was a copy of an older thread and missed those dates to change. Got the main ones but missed the fine print.

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I'm in! I'll whip up some bassy favorites. I'll take just about anything in return, though there's not a lot of saltwater in Iowa.

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I am in will send set of trout would like same back but will take any. Will PM address


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Yes please Vicrider - We have a troutie trip planned in March 2018.... So....

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MFG, no guarantees but probably could make it work. Last year I ran into trouble sorting out things but I will make the note and see if it can work. Hazathor ties great flies and his might work out.


NOTE Last year I got kind of mixed up trying too hard to get flies back to people in relation to the amount they sent. This year I will simply say all swaps will be random and if you're a good Santa's Helper and send extra or a really nice box I can't guarantee you will get more than the basic requirements back. Last year I was trying to shift flies around trying to equalize things and it just gets too messy trying to do this. Let's all be good to each other and tie some nice flies and find a good box at a fair price.



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