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Fly Tying

October Flies From The Vise

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13 hours ago, denduke said:

Woody breast feathers for fan wings.  The lil white is what makes the white spots on the Drake’s breast.   Woody flanks and Gadwall breasts for fan wings too.





👍 nice work Denduke

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My first trout on the fly was at the age of 12 and I remember my leader landing into the form of a pile on the water with my Black Gnat landing in the center of that mess. A lovely and beautiful 12 In brook trout decided that his life was no longer worth living and he decided to impale himself on my hook. It was in short order that I had that beautiful fish resting at my feet on the gravel bar I was standing on and the rest was history. 


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Brown drake CDC biot parachute

Hook:Umpqua U002 size 14

Thread:Uni 8/0 rusty brown

Post:Light dun CDC feathers (2) cut to length

Tail:CDL med. Pardo fibers

Body: rusty brown goose biot

Hackle: whiting bronze cape, unique grizzly variant. Sized appropriately 

Thorax: rusty brown superfine

Excellent month for the "Vise" everyone.


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Hot Orange Bumble-Hog




Pulled this one off the Caithness site.

hook - BVFT Dry #10
thread - Uni 8/0 fire orange
tag - yarn fluoro yellow 
tail - golden pheasant tippet dyed hot orange
body - Ice Dub hot orange
wing(s) - deer hair orange
shoulder - dyed Mearns Quail (jay sub) - 1 Tbs Rit Aquamarine, 1/8 Tsp Rit Kelly Green/1 cup water


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Due to a trip to western PA next month i've had to put the hooks away that end in "ought" and tie up some new trout flies. 

Pregnant Gammarus

Hook: Mustad C49S, size 12

Thread: Danville 3/0, gunmetal gray

Underbody: 0.15 lead wire with gray floss over

Tail: Hungarian Partridge, natural

Body: Larva Lace, midge, clear

Rib: Ostrich herl, gray

Back: Clear-cure goo, thin, with Bone Dry overcoat

Eggs: Sharpie marker, red

Eyes: Sharpie marker, black



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