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  1. I agree also. I don't think "duped" which has the definition of "cheated" is correct. I think it is a matter of convenience. Time is as asset just like money is an asset which is why the aphorism "time is money" exists. Time has value and the more you value time, the more you are willing to spend to save time for what you really want to do. I will spend time to save money on buying a car because I will save thousands of dollars. I will not spend the same amount of time to save money looking for fly tying purchases to save a 20 cents on a spool of tying thread.
  2. https://www.canadianllama.com/eyes
  3. You can collect the shed cases after the hatch and dry them out. Coat them with thin head cement to stabilize the cases. After they are dried, select a straight shank hook about 1/4 longer than the case you will use. Take a look at the pattern below and tie the legs and head on the hook. Place wraps of lead wire on the hook shank and whip finish at the hook eye and cut off the thread. http://flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/011705fotw.php Coat the lead wire with some silicone caulk, and slide the empty case over the eye of the hook and over the lead underbody. Allow the silicone to cure. An alternate way to tie the pattern is to use a black bead at the rear of the hook for the caddis head with a black thread dam behind it to keep it from slipping down the hook bend. The bead is put on the hook with the small hole end facing toward the rear of the hook against the thread ball. This method can be seen in the Autumn 2011 issue of Fly Tyer Magazine, pp 44 - 51. Contact Fly Tyer if you want a back issue. https://www.flytyer.com/
  4. Super Glue and UV resins may not be compatible. Both are acrylates and the UV resin can discolor or turn white.
  5. 1. Don't use a waxed thread. That is the most likely reason that the resin is peeling. 2. Try testing the resin but putting a dab of it on a clean white sheet of paper and then cure it until it is non tackly. If the resin discolors, the problem is with the resin. It may the the amount of photoactivator in the resin which causes it to overheat during curing. As a plug for my resin it cures crystal clear.
  6. Thanks for the explanation.
  7. It does help and thank you for the correction and clarification. Do you know how the teneral undergoes the color change from brown to blue if the exoskeleton just hardens rather than molting?
  8. The Double Bunny - the only fly ever outlawed for the Jackson Hole One Fly Event after winning 3 years in a row = 1992, 1993, & 1994. https://www.jacksonholeonefly.org/winning-flies
  9. That is a dragon fly and not a damsel fly. The most obvious difference is that damsels have thin bodies and dragons have thick bodies. Both Dragons and Damsels have two adult stages, just like a mayfly. The Teneral stage is like the subimago or dun stage of the mayfly = adult but sexually immature. The Adult stage is like the imago or sexually mayre spinner stage of the mayfly. Teneral Damsel: Teneral Dragon Fly Adult blue damsel Adult Dragon Fly
  10. SilverCreek


    If I recall correctly, they are called podcasts because they were made to be listened to on an iPod. They can be interviews, lectures like TED Talks, or discussions around a specific subject like fly fishing. https://blog.feedspot.com/fly_fishing_podcasts/ https://fishuntamed.com/fly-fishing-podcasts/
  11. SilverCreek


    Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails is what you want. Less that $2 at Walmart.
  12. http://www.naturalfeathers.com/sample-page/emu-feathers/ https://www.jsflyfishing.com/spirit-river-emu-feathers?
  13. Many years ago, womens cloth winter coats had clip on mink collars. The Salvation Army Store and Bethesda Lutheran Thrift Shops sold these collars for $1 each. They came in all colors including the standard dark mink, tan, silver, etc. I also use them for Zonkers and tails on buggers.
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