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  1. Mike, I'd love to come across country and fish with you but I could guess your response. I understand you hate everybody with no prejudice in there. Actually, you are a lot like the nephew, also a Marine (my brother reminds me there are no ex-Marines) now inactive who feels being thanked for his service is an insult. He simply nods and moves on (familiar?) and says the large majority of servicemen agree with him. I find that hard to believe. Maybe it is because my blood brother was in Nam and came back on a stretcher and went through several operations to be fairly normal that I feel like I should thank those who fought or typed requisitions or worked in motor pools for us to be free in this country.
  2. Do most servicemen dislike us civilians thanking them for their service when we see them in uniform?
  3. vicrider

    Fly shop

    Try this instead of your link. https://spawnflyfish.com/
  4. Sounds good Heff. Tom, with the Musky flies you tie I'd think you could whip up a simple jointed fly and get in on this.
  5. Ah fer cryin' out loud...In MN we'd drill a hole and sit on a 5 gallon bucket and keep fishing. It would be considered acceptable to turn your back to the wind but hiding at home was labeling yourself a wimp and being told to move to FL if you can't take a cool breeze.
  6. You'll be waiting 11 days and it will show up in morning mail.
  7. Read an article where articulated nymphs were the hot item for some guys. Would love to have ya' both.
  8. If we can't get some more activity on this swap I will close it. I did tie 6 articulated nymphs and a few for myself and planned to do a couple of bass flies to go with them but cost of postage makes swaps with so few people almost silly so we'll give this to this Friday and if we can't make it work we'll call it and if you have any just put them in your fly box or save them for a different swap. Keep in mind you can articulate almost any two flies with a short length of mono looped through back body and tied to front fly shank and cemented in place. Lighter or heavier mono depending on trout or bass or tarpon fly. Jump in and fill out our swap with a half dozen tiers. 1. (of a person or a person's words) having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently. "an articulate account of their experiences" 2. TECHNICAL having joints or jointed segments. "delicate articulate plants with a slender central stem" OR "delicate flies with a jointed section" Okay, since this is a fly tying forum we'll go with the second definition. Don't worry about pronunciation but let's do an articulated swap. I have done swaps where I did a half dozen Hog Snares but don't think I'm up to that again. Remember an articulated swap does not have to be a Rich Stollis creation to be considered for this swap. I have seen some nice Wooly Buggers jointed with a piece of Mono and a bead that looked like a bass killer to me. I have also seen some nice Stone Flies with articulated tail sections that look really appetizing (if you're a fish). Let's shoot for a half dozen and if that fills we can expand it to 8 but there is enough time and material involved in these flies to not go a full dozen (unless people want). Given tying time let's go for a turn in date by May 6, giving several weekends in there and time to order materials if needed. Nick Szabo, PO Box 361, Cheyenne, OK 73628 1. psychoprince 2. Trourttramp 3. Heff2 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  9. Link didn't work for me but this will take you to the obituary of our friend WWKimba. https://www.donaldlbarberfuneralhome.com/obituary/Kim-Bowman
  10. I've been out of the Cicada onslaught since I left IL. Never had them in MN (we had army worms), don't have them in OK. I suppose every area has some but not been in a real hatch area in many years. I'm sure fish of all species will gorge on them when opportunity arises and you might need to go to Bass Pro to find a match the hatch in Bass Fly section.
  11. Now that's the goal. Fish will eat your Rusty Parachute just fine.
  12. They were a bitch. What should have been a simple weave pattern just gave me a lot of trouble. Never really got the top and bottom right but the top is black and there is some orange flashing through on them. I've done lots of weaves in the past but this one just didn't fall in place for me. Shaky hands these days sure doesn't help but a third hand would have.
  13. I have been very careless about checking for fraud I'm afraid. When I open the envelope and it says "This is not a bill" I usually toss it instead of checking it out. With the entire Social Security and Medicare programs constantly running short of money that should be there I'm sure that much of that is because of fraud like you experienced. I will begin checking my charges from now on and if there is fraud I will report it promptly. Thanks for bringing this up. I knew fraud in Medicare was rampant and costs us all money but never thought to try to do my part to combat it.
  14. Thank you for posting that. Kim was a favorite member to many of us. He will be greatly missed and I and the board members can only express our sympathy to your family and pray for your strength to carry on and keep him in your memories. The swap flies are a minor thing as he ran many fun and successful swaps on this and other boards. I will post this on this board and send you our board condolences to your email. Nick Szabo...AKA Vicrider
  15. Since I've always enjoyed weaving patterns I'll with the Bitch Creek Stone, #6. And thank you for thinking of Kim in this swap.
  16. Man I hate to hear that. It must have been sudden since he never gave a hint of any problems like many of us have in the past. He will truly be missed and definitely helped keep things active in the swap section of the forum. Nick
  17. 2017 Outback? Ours was 2019 and didn't have lane centering. It had the steering wheel nudge you back if you got close to stripe but this one can steer through curves with no problem and our 2019 couldn't do that. I agree about the autopilot feature for the most part but like Rick it might slow me down on way to pond at times. The other thing with so many people having eye/object fixation you are too likely to get run into on side of highway. Just ask any highway trooper how many times their cars are hit by people just staring at them.
  18. Tell me about it. I spent $2200 for my recliner and the faux leather surface just flaked off after warranty but everything else is fine and except for the cover quality it is my second home...well maybe even my first home. I will try your link since comfort is hard to put a price on...but mfger's seem to do it.
  19. Because of my width I had to cut the arms off of my tying chair. It is on it's last legs for several reasons so if you wouldn't mind Bruce could you throw a website at me for where yours came from. If you don't want anyone to know how much you overpaid for comfort you can PM. Overpaying is an automatic for me. My lift recliner which is basically my second home and sleep recliner cost $2200 and the faux leather finish crumbled off the day it went out of warranty. Was overpriced for what I got IMO.
  20. Got a quality set of bugs in the mail. Like CDewberry said, thanks to Woodenlegs and those who sent in such a quality swap fly.
  21. On postage, going to Pirate Ship does help and does save a couple bucks on outgoing and return but it is still high like everything else. What does help is if a swap fills completely like they all used to and then you'd at least get a dozen flies to use or at least admire. Now too often a swap doesn't fill and sending two flies does help but everything you'll stating in there Fishing' Bob is about hits the nail on the head. Lots of things in the world are changing and it looks like this site is one of them. Personally, I have seen first hand on the Christmas Fly Box swap how things have gone downhill in both participation and shows of appreciation. The overall quality and quantity of flies has come up but interest just doesn't seem the same. I think that the last year's swap will be last to undertake this but will have to see how it goes before I decide completely.
  22. Damn Silver Creek!!! Put long sleeve dress and gloves on her, blonde wig, and you couldn't tell which one was the interviewer and which the robot. DFoster: "The trouble is that it's still at his father in law's house because he can't figure out how to start it- even with the owners manual. Maybe it's got some type of facial recognition system like my iPhone?" ... The new Subaru has that but they had it turned off before they left dealership. Poopdeck: "I hate the lane centering. I had the dealer shut it off completely. I like driving where I want to drive not where the car does and I didn’t like how the wheel would fight me. I can’t take the car shutting down when at stop." ... If it didn't favor center left of road more than shoulder side I kind of like it but agree with the pulling against me when I try to drift right as trucks are coming in left lane. It has auto shutoff at lights but that is turned off. Our county does not have a stoplight and only a couple of stop signs people just roll thru. Steeldrifter: "Then when were were packing gear in the trunk and closed the trunk, it kept popping back open and would not stay closed. Finally figured out for some reason it was where he paid his FOB, it was too close to the trunk and it wouldn't stay shut because they car "thought" the FOB was being locked in the trunk. Personally I don't want a car "thinking" for me lol. Another thing I didn't like about it was it shuts off every single time you stop. I don't see how that is supposed to be a good thing. To me that is just added wear & tear on the starter/ignition system of a car. I dunno, maybe I'm getting old, but give me an old Chevy Blazer with a key and vent windows and am/fm radio and I'm happy." ... I screwed up our self-opening hatch some way when I drove and opened the hatch to put my walker in. I couldn't find the button to close it and pushed everything on the bottom of the hatch until it shut. Next time I use it It would only open foot or so. Tried to push it open and kept going into shut down mode. Found it could open it if I moved it SLOWLY. Next time I went out to car with wife to go somewhere and it wouldn't open she said it has a setting to make the hatch only open to place you want it to stop and I'd screwed it up somehow. She pushed it to where I wanted it and reset it somehow and showed me how to open and close it without messing it up. My 2004 F-150 is very basic but it doesn't have vent window. Since I quit smoking a long time ago I don't mess them. The problem I found. among others, was having cruise on automatically brings other things into like lane centering and automatic distance spacing as far as I can tell but I just keep hitting buttons on right side of steering wheel until it goes into cruise. Also, in bright sun it jumps in and out of lane centering if new white stripes "blind" the camera. I'm sure there are dozens of cool things on the car for Mike Chell to play with but I won't know much about them until wife goes to Subaru Flight School.
  23. Coming up on 80, been driving since I was 14, and now have a new fishing car and can't figure out how it works. I only drove our Outback a few times and always with wife in car doing things with it. Much of the time we had that car I was having various health problems and she did almost all the driving. The last vehicle I drove on a regular was my 2004 F-150. which I still have. She went to the big city and came home with a new Subaru Forester literally right off the showroom floor. Had it a week and I only rode in it to doc app't once. Well yesterday while she doing her aerobics I decided to go see how one of our local ponds was holding up in drought. It was way low but not dangerously low to lose fish yet. Okay, my Ford had cruise control on the steering wheel. It had an AM/FM radio with knobs and scan button. Other than that it had a cup holder. I got in the Forester and used all the controls on the seat and mirrors and steering wheel to use Setting 2 for automatic adjustment when I get in. I had the FOB in my pocket which is some sort of key I guess. I pushed the Start/Button and nothing happened, I had to put foot on brake to get it to start. Being in Park wasn't good enough for it. I tried to move and there's some electronic parking brake I had to release. I got going watching my rear view camera thinking that will be nice when I get a hitch on it. Well I pulled out and found that all the fancy stuff shuts off when car does. I got going down highway to Dead Indian Lake about 15 miles down highway. It's quiet, firm, and that little 4 cylinder boxer had me at 85 while trying to figure out some of the controls. On one side of the steering wheel is a lever with two buttons on top of it and two below it. There's symbols on them that might as well be hieroglyphics to me. Got to the lake, saw the island was now a peninsula with some guys fishing off it. Going back I did figure out the radio to find Syrius and put 70s tunes on. Pushing the buttons and throwing the lever on right of wheel I got it into cruise control at 65mph. I guess I hit some other stuff that works with cruise control because the thing was now driving itself. The road back to Cheyenne is good highway with several easy curves and a couple marked 55mph. One of the buttons I hit was Land Centering and it would read stripes and adjust the car with no input from me. I held the wheel very lightly to see and sure enough it took every curve on the way back and there's several including the ones at 55 it drove through at 65. If you did take your hands off wheel completely a beep would go off and a big warning light "KEEP ALERT" would flash on dash. The one thing I did not like was the lane centering favored the center stripe. It was like it was a foot from center stripe and 3 feet from right edge. My wife is actually scheduled for a class to discuss all the things available behind all the icons on two different screens and one of the things I want to know is if the centering can be adjusted to favor right edge instead of center stripe. I'm sure I will like this car when I get a feel for it but his old guy is in a whole new world of tech just driving a car.
  24. Okay, now that site is back up and I could doublecheck you were the SM in this I'll get them in mail tomorrow. With site down I thought it was your swap but have sent to wrong person before and wanted to make sure.
  25. Looking great. Bringing some class to the show.
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