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  1. @Silver Creek, that's a realy nice hex tie. We don't get those here in CO. Green and gray drakes are our biggest. 10's and 12s usually.
  2. Thanks, I like yours too. I'm thinking the next few I tie I'm going to use wing coverts from a rooster pheasant for the wing. Tail and body, not sure. Maybe the chickabou maybe the filoplume as @Silver Creek mentioned, maybe some marabou. I'll take a look through my feathers. Sub-ing materials is always a fun time (seriously). I'm going to put that fly to the test tomorrow.
  3. @SilverCreek that was very educational. Thank you
  4. I use Loon Aquel and it works fine on my kapok dubbed flies
  5. Tabou Caddis Emerger. Steve Schweitzer Hook: TMC 2312 size 16 Thread Gray-brown UTC 70 denier Ribbing 3X mono Body/Tail Whiting farms Chickabou feather, tan Wing Brahma Hen Soft-Hackle medium dun Head excess trim from soft-hackle feather
  6. Thank you sir. Appreciate it.
  7. Tak's Split Wing Caddis. Rick Takahashi pattern. He tied one for me at a show a while back. Hook: U203 Thread: Olive 8/0 Uni Tail: Amber antron tied sparsely Abdomen/Thorax: Caddis green superfine Wing: Premium yearling elk tied sparsely. Cut out the middle of the wing.
  8. Charlie Craven's Fat Angie. Hook: Dai Ichi 1167 size 18 Thread: Red Uni 8-0 Foam: 2mm black Abdomen/Thorax: Rusty brown Superfine Legs: Black round rubber Wing: Tan macramé yarn and UV blue Ice ripple fiber Hackle: Dark barred ginger (cause that's what I had handy)
  9. I use flouro tippet almost always. I use mono only when I'm chucking streamers. The ring does not cause any hinging at all. Trout fishing.
  10. Like SilverCreek said, Maxima Chameleon, .020 diameter - 25lb test and the .013 is 12 lb. Borger says you can also use Maxima Clear, but not the green. I use Chameleon for the butt and ultraclear for the transition. A 27 yard spool of both will last you a long, long time.
  11. Great pup. We got this 3 mo. old this past weekend. Petey
  12. Thanks for that. Very nice explanation. I find that the Unibody leader works excellently. In fact I've needle/nail knotted the butt/transition section to my fly line as that's the one part of the leader that I never change. The leader works for everything(for me) from chucking streamers, to nymphing to long 17' dry fly leader.
  13. These are recommendos for the DS. As mentioned an RS2 is just about always good. Vary the winging. CDC, glamour madeira work. Small (20-22-24) BWO's tied parachute. PMDs when they are coming off 18's the life cycle. Charlie Craven's Mole Fly is a great emerger as well as his soft hackle emerger. For caddis I find a size 16 or 18 Missing Link is a killer pattern too. Matt's and Morgan's midges for dries. Pat Dorsey's Top Secret midge is a great pattern. Don't leave home without some Barr's emergers and when the hoppers are out Charlie Craven's Charile Boy hopper and the smaller. Rene Harrop's CDC Biot dun and CEC floating nymph in appropriate colors. I'm a huge fan of both Harrop's Last Chance Cripple and Bob Quigley's Cripple and hackle stackers for what ever mayfly is hatching. Juan Ramirez' Slim Shady and sniper baetis'. For high traffic areas I try to use flies that aren't in every shop's bin.
  14. Been using Rio tippet rings for about 3 years now, I tie a clinch knot. No problems at all whatsoever. SilverCreek has it right in that you don't shorten the transition section of the leader. I've also been fishing a Gary Borger Uni--body leader. Makes life just that much simpler. uni-body-to-harvey-style-leader
  15. @niveker, thanks for that public service. The ties were all so good.
  16. You guys are a good team😉
  17. Yee hah. Fun in the sun and out of the sun.
  18. Got mine yesterday afternoon. Fantastic job of tying everyone. Very inspirational.
  19. @mrgramps, I thought so from your post. The reason I'm asking which is because the bug life is different in the res than on the river. The river I know, the res not so much. If you want river 411 let me know.
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