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  1. Sometimes you have to put down the Fly Rod & grab the surf rod.......I've been busy in New England chasing the Striper migration.....caught this 30" on a Diawa SP Minnow. Didn't want to come ashore to meet me...so he picked up some sand but when it came time to release him I waded knee deep & took my time reviving him & me before I sent him off to swim down south.
  2. feeling brainless........ tying up some Mop Flies
  3. Having spent the weekend at the Edison show I thought I'd share the experience. Parking was no problem at all. At the Somerset show, all the seminars/guest fly tiers were free...you had access to them without having to pay admission. This is no longer the case. Everything is set up beyond the admission doors...including the bathroom. Same amount of vendors. There were 2 casting ponds which were nice , but when there was a seminar casting on the pond, you could not hear them even with a mic. This was also a problem when attending seminars...areas were set up but they were divided by curtains which cannot block out the noise from the seminar being held next door. Unless you sat next to the person speaking, you could not hear them. I sat in the second row & couldn't tell you what the person was talking about. There were less featured fly tier seminars than last year , & the one I wanted to see was being held on Sun....that would have cost me another $18 & again, problems with the noise. The Beer Garden was small & in the back of the show. The aisles were set up wider so you didn't have to bump & grind your way through the show....didn't seem too crowded. What was missing was the camaraderie which was always at the Somerset location....everybody socialized whether they knew you or not ...there was no 'hang out 'spot...everyone seemed to go to the show & go separate ways. I heard complaints about the main hotel -Sheraton- being old & very dirty....they won't stay there again. I stayed at the Extended Stay hotel (also old) which had a small kitchen with no cups, or coffee pot but I bring my own...won't stay there again. I heard no complaints about the Marriott. I've attended the Somerset show for years & change is always hard...& I saw co director Chuck Furmisky walking around taking notes & being aware that he has his work cut out for him for next year . But I think I'll just make it a day event next year. Any one else here attend ? Opinions ?
  4. Dollar Zone. stores only......they have several if you live in the East
  5. The Somerset show has moved to Edison NJ this year....more room, more vendors
  6. Anyone with access to Dollar Zone stores in their area need to check this out. They are selling 'Iridescent Easter Grass ' in Pink, Green, Gold .....which is nothing but Krystal Flash loose in a bag.
  7. Beautiful set up ,including the fly....let us know how it works out.
  8. I received an AWESOME ! set of flies in the mail. Great job everybody, I have to say this was one of my most enjoyable swaps on this forum .
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