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    The flash ball looks interesting. It looks to be made of thin strips of pearl mylar. Great find & nice baitfish.
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    Nice ones DD what do you use for the overwing on your baitfish?
  3. Michigan Grayling Initiative 2019 The Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, announced a proposed initiative in June 2016 that aims to bring back an extirpated species to the state Arctic Grayling. The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative seeks to establish self-sustaining populations of Arctic Grayling throughout its historical range in Michigan. The initiative now has more than 45 partners collaborating on the reintroduction. https://www.migrayling.org When can I expect to see Arctic Grayling in Michigan streams? Partners of the Initiative plan to source eggs from Alaska in 2019, but developing a healthy stock of eggs that are suitable for Michigan's waters will take approximately three years. ‚Äč Tentatively, eggs will be placed in in-stream Remote Site Incubators beginning in 2022. From then it will take three to four years before Grayling reach reproductive maturity. https://www.migrayling.org/faq
  4. Thanks Doug. This fly was a challenge for me as I'm sure you can attest. That said I think yours looks good and it's up to the task. Since you are using dumbell eyes I would put the belly on top and the over wing on the bottom. I catch myself doing the same thing from time to time. Mine is open for critism as well. Harry
  5. Hook: Herters: 423R6XL size 2 Thread: 4# Mono, White & Red 6/0 Eyes: .090 Seed Beads Fins: Aunt Lydia's Rust Body: # 12 Mylar Tinsel & Med Mylar Cord Overwing: Black/Yellow Congo Hair UV Resin
  6. arent they already tied together? Most times they are fine, but some times many feathers are separated from the stitching. Thought it was worth mentioning.
  7. Very nice Bruce..a fish gitter for sure.
  8. I have found most colors of Maribou that I buy will bleed. The processor has not washed and rinsed them after dying to save them time and money. I dye my own furs for fly-tying and always wash and rinse them afterwards to remove excess dye. First wrap tying thread around the stems of the feathers to tie them together and make them easier to handle. Then wash them with dish washing liquid. When a good lather is formed (don't over do it) it's time to rinse them in cold water. Don't worry if alot of color comes out, this is to be expected. Dry with a paper towel then dry either by blow dryer or sitting in the sun. I have not noticed color fading doing it this way.
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    Song of the day

    Finnish Twist on The Trooper
  10. I have found containers at the following. JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, & AC Moore, either at the store or online. Cabelas, Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon, Home Depot and Lowes.
  11. Nice pattern. Occasionally I see a white moth get pounded, this would imitate one well.
  12. 1. 3/8 jig with bucktail or feathers or both $2.00. 2. Try teasers or dressed hooks: Hook with bucktail or feathers or both. Stuff I found online including a site selling a variety of dressed hooks to give you some ideas including prices. https://village-tackle.com/collections/saltwater-teaser-fly?page=2 Disclamer: I am not affliated in any way with the attached links.
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    Fish Pictures

    Nice fish and video Mike I'm glad you are back at the sport we all enjoy.
  14. FYI 15% Labor Day sale on fly tying material Also for this month, get 15% off Firehole, Kona, Ahrex and Fulling Mill hooks! Disclamer: I am not affliated in any way just passing on good deals to FTF friends.
  15. Thanks guys and a heartfelt "Thank You" to these Veterans For Their Service.
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    Grass Shrimp 2/0

    Thanks DarrellP, FYI I revised the pattern after making a few and posted it in the pattern database. http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern14104.html I eliminated the boars hair and am using bucktail. For the tail I now use either the tip of maribou or hen hackle.
  17. Dogfacedoc sent mine today. Grass Shrimp and Gurglers Baitfish
  18. Wow you both have great pictures and hunting spots. Denduke was that last one a 10 pointer?
  19. Now it's working, nice pattern and fish. Thanks for posting...always a treat.
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