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  1. For bucktails this is the best place I have found: 3 grades of bucktails, you pick your price point and quality Whitetail Fly Tieing Supplies
  2. Wow, Artistic, creative, a great memory to go along with it. Well done!
  3. There is a FREE app that I use on my desktop that I use to keep track of flies I have tied and flies I want to tie. I can access it on my desktop and carry it to my fly tying bench on my iPad. It is all synched so that when I make an changes it all gets updated. My memory is NOT what it used to be and this helps me a ton. YMMV Here is a screen shot from my desktop, where I have created a section called Tied Flies, you can see some of the flies in the column on the left. All my notes are searchable, so if I am looking for a pattern that uses a certain material, they come up in a search of my flies. You can find more info about OneNote on the web, I keep fly patterns along with links to YouTube tying videos and any other additional notes. It's super easy to use and easy to add/delete info as needed. Great question.
  4. Not familiar with Skip's Dragon, just found that online. Will give me a few new patterns to try. Tight Lines
  5. Have not seen SMP with rubber legs. Nice tie. Your variation? Bluegills love rubber legs +1
  6. Bryon, Kudos Innovative idea for a swap, great photos and interesting stories. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to let me vicariously share in this swap. Wow. WELL DONE! Great work everyone and the camera doesn't lie. Beautiful execution start to finish. Love it and thank you ALL. Rick (Gillage)
  7. My apologizes for the confusion. I was noting that the fly you commented on as being a good panfish/Bass fly was indeed originally tied as a panfish /Bass fly and the Josephine Baker was a variation of that fly. Good call on your part as Gills love those rubber legs.
  8. Found this on the net regarding Josephine Baker: Josephine Baker This fly was originally a colorful bream fly from the southern US called Bead Butt or Jennifer Lopez. I transformed it to fit my needs and named my version Josephine Baker https://globalflyfisher.com/patterns/josephine-baker
  9. Ah man, just go for it and tie some flies. Don't over think this. Pick an easy pattern with just a few materials. When you can consistently tie that pattern and all the flies look the same for that pattern, you got it. In the beginning almost every pattern will challenge you in a new way. Just get after it. You might need to tie a dozen before you get six that look the same. with the first six looking like chromosomal abnormalities. You're on a steep learning curve just relax and enjoy the ride. I can guarantee that the first time you catch a fish on one of your ties you will be grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat. You got this. Now go tie some flies.
  10. Tom looks like a GREAT trip. Have met Stu but have NOT fished with Stu. Have seen the Chip but have NOT fished the Chip. I need to make it happen. Let us know how YOU tie your Murdich Wigglers, I am still interested.
  11. Also found this reference: From FlyAnglers OnLine: https://www.flyanglersonline.com/bb/showthread.php?13861-Murdich-Wiggler-Recipe-Found-it!!! Looks like it might have appeared in Fly Tyer but ?
  12. @niveker I found this reference online. From the tier Chris Siess of Knot The Real World Fly Fishing. He refers to the Murdich Wiggler as the Redfish Wiggler. "Several folks have asked how to tie specific Redfish patterns that I use. One of the most consistent patterns is called a Murdich Wiggler, or as I refer to it, a Redfish Wiggler. " https://youtu.be/7WcvBoR5Kpc Looks interesting. I think I need to tie some up.
  13. Sorry for your loss but great great memories to cherish.
  14. Kentuckiana Bluegill Fly created by Roy Weeks Lots here for the Gills to love, marabou, peacock herl, rubber legs and it's yellow Hook: 2XL #10 Thread: Black UTC 140 Tail: Black Marabou Body: Yellow Foam & Peacock Herl Rib: Med. Gold Wire Leg: Yellow/Black Round Rubber . This is a restock for my box, the Gills have absolutely been destroying this fly, particularly the black marabou. So I tied this variation using Black Kip Tail. We will see how it holds up.
  15. Thanks everyone. Had the mail on hold for a little trip and had a very nice package in the mail. DarrellP thanks for hosting.
  16. Jake, not to discount your efforts or discourage or disparage your project but I use the free OneNote app to do the things you mention above. It houses the flies I have tied, the flies I want to tie, photos, SBS and can link Youtube videos and provides me with quick an easy access and can be shared across multiple devices and shared. It can filter by material used and other parameters. I put Turkey in the search box and it brought up all the flies in my database that use turkey. See pic below.
  17. Lots of online shop and if you are not opposed eBay can be your friend Check out this link: Favorite online shop for tying materials
  18. My son would say, Dad, If your NOT Scopin' You're just Hopin'
  19. Headed your way: USPS 9500 1108 6823 3128 0344 46
  20. If I am correct , I think the kit your wife bought included a vise. If that is correct, I would just buy a pedestal base for not too much $$ and try tying for awhile and see if you like it. If in fact you stick with it, then your will begin to figure out what you like/need before making another investment. I would encourage you to check out this link and you can see a bunch of different fly tying benches/stations and solutions that other people use. After tying for awhile and figuring out what you like/need/want it will a fun and easy decision. Just my thought YMMV Let's see your tying station What you will notice if you check out the link above. Each tyer's station is unique. You will notice some similarities, but each one is unique to the individual.What is good for me may NOT be good for you. Welcome to the forum. Have FUN.
  21. I can't resist. I'm in with the Brim Fly.
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