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Fly Tying

Soft hackle swap. In the mail

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Any soft hackle type fly up to size 8, down to as small as you want.

Due June 1.  Deadline to sign up is April 31.  First 12 to join.

Send with Self Addressed stamped envelope to 

Darrell Phillips 

7890 NW Westside 

Carlton, OR. 97111

Note:  if your package is over 1/2" thick you have to mail at the postal counter, not in a drop box.  Otherwise the USPS will consider it as potentially hazardous.  I learned this the hard way.

1. Woodenlegs. Kelso Red Ass. RECEIVED x

2. Niveker. TBD. RECEIVED x

3. Recoveronthefly. TBD

4. Johnw1986  TBD. RECEIVED x

5. Vicrider  TBD. Red ass Kelso variant. RECEIVED 

6. FishingBobNelson. RECEIVEDx

7. J Knowles   Lite Brite Soft Hackle. RECEIVED 

8. Trouttramp.  Spider. RECEIVED 

9. Stabgnid. RECEIVED 

10. Jburge. RECEIVED 

11. Chugbug27. RECEIVED 

12. Redietz. RECEIVED 

13.  Sandan. RECEIVED 

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Still hoping to fish with Woodenlegs on the White River this summer or fall and soft hackles are a staple on there. Count me in for Red Ass Kelso with the twist I learned in the Ladies Night Swap.

OOOOPS...See woodenlegs already has his version picked but mine will be different and I will include a second soft hackle with it.

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I'm in.

Pattern TBD, but will be from "The Soft Hackled Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles" by Sylvester Nemes.

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I'll play if there's room. Mine will be a TBD variant as there are a bunch of stock TBDs entered already.

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