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11th Annual Caddis for Christmas Swap is in the Mail

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The eleventh year of Caddis for Christmas is here.  First 12 with “I’m an Elf”

Pretty simple swap; tie 12 Caddis Flies, any style, any size, any stage.  Standard rules apply; toe tags and return postage, funds, or PayPal.  International swappers welcome as always. 

Please use a return envelope that is 6 X 9 or so in case Santa has a little something extra to slip inside.


 1.   Flytire - Extended Body Grannnom Caddis - Received

 2.   cphubert - Woven Caddis Nymph - Received

 3.   agn54 - Deer Hair Caddis - Received

 4.   Woodenlegs - Caddis nymph - Received

 5.   Byron Anderson - Opal Streaking Caddis - Received

 6.   Trouttramp - Rockworm - Received

 7.   Vicrider - Caddis - Received

 8.   Chasing_Tails - Hi-Float Caddis - Received

 9.   DarrellP - Nemes' Mother's Day Caddis - Received

10. gadabout - October Caddis Pupa - Received

11.  jburge - Bastian's Floating Caddis Emerger - Received

12.  troutguy - Caddis - Received

 SM. Fishin' Santa Bob - Spent Partridge Caddis - Done

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For some reasons things have been slow filling lately. You said you had me but don't see me on the list. If my hands are steady I have an unusual fly for the swap that will be a killer on the water.


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Extended Body Grannom Caddis 800.jpg


Extended Body Grannom Caddis 

Balloon Caddis Variant

Hook - Curved or straight shank

Thread - Gray

Body and Thorax Cover - Grey closed cell foam 

Wing - Deer hair 
Thorax - Grey dubbing
From a Davie McPhail Video

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