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Articulated Nymph Swap

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I would like to do a swap for something I have been trying out lately, articulated nymphs. Some patterns are established, Greg Senyo has a few of his own, but almost any nymph pattern can be made to be articulated.

Natural tones or a little color splash, like to see a mix of both, but let's keep them size 12 or smaller.



Swap is full

You can blame your valentine's day procrastination on my swap if you need to


SM - Articulated Steelhead Nymph READY


1- josephcsylvia - wiggle PT nymph RECIEVED

2- stabgnid RECIEVED

3- joseph russell

4- Adam Saarinen RECIEVED

5- fishingbobnelson - artic. Hare's nymph RECIEVED

6- flytire - Articulated AP nymph RECIEVED


8- jacktjl - cat gut & horsehair RECIEVED

9- Tyme Keeper - artic. Honey nymph RECIEVED

10- stabgnid - artic. Bead head PT nymph RECIEVED

11- vicrider RECIEVED

12- Adam Saarinen RECIEVED


Reply with "I'm in" and I will PM you addy

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Oh very nice!

Never seen a swap like this, wasn't sure how many have tried articulated nymphs but looks like we will have some very neat ties.

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This is an interesting swap idea, and a great learning opportunity for me. I'm in. It'll take some experimenting before I come up with a pattern.

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