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  1. Dean River Special Steelhead Hook - Single Salmon Thread - Black Tail - Dyed purple gray squirrel tail. Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel. Body - Dubbed with purple lamb's wool. Hackle - Black tied on as a collar and tied back. Wing - Black marabou tied over the body. Topping - Purple Flashabou Accent Every good river has its "specials." British Columbia's Dean River is no exception: in fact, it has several and this is just one of them. Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson
  2. Chief Steelhead Originator unknown, but the fly popped up in northern California around 1950 and was popular for three or four seasons. Hook - Single salmon Thread - Black Tail - Scarlet red hackle barbs Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Body - Dubbed with brown-gray raccoon fur Wing - Dyed black squirrel tail tied over the body and extending to the end of tail Hackle - Natural black hen hackle tied on as a collar and tied back Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson
  3. Blue Thunder Steelhead Ian James of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, originated this pattern Hook - Single Salmon Thread - Black Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel Body - Flat silver tinsel Wing - White bucktail tied over the body, with an over wing of a small bunch of purple flashabou accent (krystal flash) Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson
  4. next challenge fly any Wulff dry fly your choice
  5. Sparkle Pupa Hook - Mustad 94840 or equivalent Thread - Brown Over body - Olive antron yarn or Hi-Viz Underbody - Olive superfine dubbing Shuck - Olive antron yarn or Hi-Viz Wing - Deer or elk hair Head - Brown dubbing Date Created: 12/7/22 7:49:35 AM EST
  6. Lawson's Caddis Emerger Mike Lawson Hook – Mustad 94840 or equivalent Thread - Tan Body - Hare's ear Shuck/back/underwing – Tan z-lon, antron yarn, hi-viz etc Ribbing – Gold or copper wire Wing – 2 partridge feathers Head - Peacock herl
  7. your heart health is a hell of a lot more important than a bunch of silly little flies get the heart fixed and when youre ready then send out the flies norm
  8. Barrington Winged Wet Fly Hook - Mustad 3399 or equivalent Thread - Black Tag - Gold tinsel Ribbing - Gold tinsel Body - Peacock herl Throat - Brown hackle Wing - Mallard flank (I used teal) Trout - Ray Bergman
  9. The Grand Duke Special Rear Hook – Mustad 9671 or equivalent, size 8 Thread - Black Tail – Red hackle Ribbing – Oval silver tinsel Body - Burnt orange floss Connecting wire – Beadalon .015, .018 or .024-inch diameter wire Front hook – Mustad 9671 or equivalent, size 6 Thread – Black Ribbing – Flat silver tinsel Body - Burnt orange floss Ribs – Oval silver tinsel Throat - Red hackle Wing – Lavender bucktail over mauve krystal flash over white bucktail Topping – Peacock herl Cheeks – Jungle cock Eyes – Painted black over white (Optional) Orientation of the rear hook may be pointed upward or downward as desired
  10. 12 is my limit no matter what its your swap you make the rules on how many are invited
  11. the next challenge fly will be a Stonefly your choice of style
  12. i'll take the martinez black nymph Martinez Black Nymph Hook - Mustad 3906B Thread - Black Tail - Guinea hen fibers Ribbing - Copper wire Body - Black dubbing (original was black seal fur) Wing case – Green swiss straw or equivalent Thorax - Black chenille Hackle - Hungarian partridge Popular Fly Patterns - Terry Hellekson The Martinez Black Nymph was designed by Don Martinez back in the 1940s. It was without a doubt the dominate nymph of the era. Mr. Martinez ran a fly shop in the West Yellowstone area. bonus. heres a video i did tying the fly https://youtu.be/OPyLRFh_wc4
  13. fishing license in germany Fishing rod licence and permit in Germany - Where to fish? (fishinglicence.eu) 2.2 Foreign visitors: Except of the federal state Bremen and Hamburg, foreigners can obtain a fishing rod licence without passing an exam. Information on where to obtain the fishing rod licence can be found here. However, knowledge of German (a translator) is necessary and eventually some phone calls. Before you actually go fishing, make sure you have got a valid fishing permit from the owner for the particular water you want to fish!
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