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  1. brown owl history https://globalflyfisher.com/patterns/the-brown-owl https://www.nhflytyer.com/blog/brown-owl-fly
  2. i dont see what you posted is a "grizzly king" heres some grizzly king fly pattern - Google Search are you inquiring on "brown owl" or "grizzly king"?
  3. its flytire sure you can use olive dubbing or even olive yarn
  4. i know you said its your version, but its not really a stayner ducktail "Stayner Ducktail - Marv Taylor - Fly Angler's OnLine (flyanglersonline.com)
  5. i dont think any of us are going to examine each and every fly to see if everybody used only 2 materials use it if you got it
  6. not bad info from a red sox fan
  7. with a gazillion fly patterns on the internet to choose from its not as easy as it seems squatch is gonna pick one for me
  8. so these items are EXCLUDED from the 2 material mandate?
  9. 14' long! young thing? id hate to see the big daddy! thats sasquatch size!
  10. Understanding Feathers (eflytyer.com)
  11. i'll take the last spot if its left pattern tbd
  12. $19 + $4.99 shipping Paypal only lower 48 only not interested in trading my book for your book
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