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  1. You just named all my favorite places for buying fly tying stuff.
  2. bass master


    Dollar store hard as nail polish and super glue.
  3. I agree with the Thompson A vise. It was my first vise, used. Not sure what I paid for it. But they last forever and hold a hook. And that's all a vise needs to do. If you didn't already pick up a vise. I would think about getting A Thompson A off eBay. Save yourself a few bucks for hooks and material.
  4. Jaydud. That's what I was thinking. The line is what does the work. Just might need a lighter set up.
  5. I am still a novice at tying and fly casting. But wont stop. But my issue is I have always tossed an 8 wt rod, reel and weight forward line. Usually target bass or saltwater fish. I'm OK with a larger fly. But with a smaller lighter fly. I suck. And if there is a breeze forget it! I usually fish open water. Shore, Basin or off a dock. Should I wrap some wire around the hook, Use some split shot. Thanks.
  6. There are fly tying sites for just women. Maybe this site needs a Topic for just women.
  7. I tie for myself. If its good or bad. The fish never told me and it seems they don't care. I also tie on the cheap. Dollar store and hobby shops. I do like to read old books as well as new ones. I also use a laptop for YouTube vids. For me its a hobby, its fun and I like to catch fish. I'm not going to follow rules to tie flies. If its turning out bad, So be it. It is what it is.
  8. This might be the wrong section. But I was on Facebook and someone posted the tool box from Harbor Freight. You can get this for $73.00 with a coupon. Not all that cheap. But it has that WOW! factor going for it. Looks perfect for travel or sitting on a bench. Lots of guys make their own, But this is great for the ones who cant. Wood Tool Chest w/ 8 Wood Tool Drawers (harborfreight.com)
  9. I agree with YouTube. This vid has step by step. And carries on like a class. Beginner Fly Tying Tips - Part 1: Tools Primer - YouTube
  10. Poopdeck's old Laptop bag is a great idea for travel. Its perfect! I have one that is used for nothing. Wife always wants to toss it out. Now I have a use for it. Thanks! Poopdeck.
  11. Another vote is for the Griffin Odyssey Spider cam. Its vise is a great choice for the price. You can also look at eBay for a used one. Just watch out for the cheap knock offs.
  12. Nice. I see what your doing. Using his eyes to tie the small ones you cant see anymore. Joking, I wish I had the chance to learn this years ago.
  13. You can glue two different colors of 1mm sheets together from the Dollar Tree. Makes for a great look. The Dollar store has a lot of good tying material. From nail polish to flash. Christmas tinsel in silver and gold might still be out.
  14. Just wash the stuff off. Then apply some light oil. Probably needs it anyway.
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