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  1. I am seriously looking at cars and one on my short list is the Kia Soul. A couple of cars I'm looking at and I think the Soul is one have a roof or "top" airbag. Couldn't figure out why they need a roof air bag but now I see the engineers are planning for everything. Wheel spacers on raised trucks should be outlawed. A tire breaking off is not something new to them. The thing that really gets me is the tire coming alive and taking another shot at the poor car when it finally comes to a stop. Possessed tire? Brings back memories of "Christine".
  2. Some excellent topwaters to hang some of those nymphs from arrived from Trouttramp today.
  3. This...Use the guards and either a lighter or the cauterizing tool. Cauterizing tool makes me nervous when I think back to when wife decided our family was big enough.
  4. What is the collars of your fly cph? Almost looks like carefully cut furry foam.
  5. Some very nice flies from cencal and stellahound are here and if anyone else is tying a Pat's rubber legs beside the hound and I go ahead. It is still one of the simplest (not that easy) for supplies and cost of any of the popular stone nymphs and catches many varieties of fishes including everything from crappies to carp and would probably work on the FL exotics I'd love to go fish for sometime. Nick Oh yeah, about those exotics in FL after a recent article I read that warned about landing fish quickly with minimum next to shore splashing because crocs have gotten used to that sound meaning they have an easy meal waiting for them if they're quick enough means I'd want to check on circumstances where I'd fish before giving it a go. Being on a walker makes me the easiest target for crocs or grizzlies in a run away situation. Also why I don't fish grizzley country. Nobody has to shoot me in the knee to run faster than I can. PS...One of cencal's sofa pillows on top supporting a nymph from the hound or flytire would be soup of the day on many trout streams.
  6. I don't know James. Maybe we've just had too many swaps close together and people are prepping for the season coming up and filling spots in the box rather than a mixture from a swap. I've looked for that one tire to finish out my Stonefly swap but have extras from flytire so we'll have full returns even if we don't get that last spot filled. I even debated about throwing another swap out there myself since I have a package to send out tomorrow, Stoneflies to do, H&L Variant to finish up on, and foolishly signed up for a Facebook swap. The last two weeks for me have been a disaster between a tornado on edges of town killing one, 5 other assorted deaths in our small town for various reasons, relatives in town from MN, AZ, and NC meaning two weeks I never even looked at my fishing room (it became a spare bedroom).Time for me to catch up with my swaps and then backoff and plan some fishing myself.
  7. +1 on Steve's post. I personally hate Facebook and love the bulletin board forums like this one. Seems like a FB page would soon be in competition with this well run forum..
  8. I'm in and probably do a H&L Variant. If it was good enough for Dwight Eisenhower, the last real president, it should be good enough for us, though I'm sure the ones tied for him by R.C. Coffman that paid for his House and Lot (thence the name) were nicer than anything I'll tie but I'll give it my all. Nick edit...After doing some checking it should really be "hence the name" and not thence.
  9. Okay, since cencal is going to handle the dry flies then one of you should also get in and finish out this swap for a full deck. We can run it with 11 and there is a nice bunch of bonus flies from one of our most skilled tyers on the board to distribute and this is a swap you will really be sorry if you miss if you fish trout anywhere in the country. Like Fishin'Bob said, first it's caddis flies, then stones and we already have a great set of pillows from cencalfly to hold up a drifting nymph looking for cover and at it's more vulnerable. Nick
  10. What our Danish friend, is a bristle? Does it eat dry flies. Is it edible? Don't know the name over here.
  11. Sounds good TT and Darrell, been waiting for you. TT, like the idea of a top water version. Most of us will do nymphs most likely. I know I will but may try to do one of each if times allows with all the visiting and goings on around here for awhile. One spot open. Jump in if you want to play with the big boys.
  12. C/mon guys, everyone needs some stones to throw in the water and we already have a promise of extras for the swap. Let's fill this out and there are some fairly easy ties for newcomers to join in.
  13. Sorry about that ceccal. When something like happens I just hope the person trips on a rock, breaks his rod fishing your flies, and someone breaks into his truck while he's fishing. Otherwise, if they weren't stole but ripped in process of shipping and someone found them I hope he enjoys them and has success with them.
  14. So psycho, what was wrong with your morning? Sometimes I resent even having to get up in the morning, was wondering what you resented about your morning?
  15. Not only did Flytire take pity on me and fill us out but we're lucky to have one of the top tiers in the country on our side and site. What? You say they're stones and you heard fishes like to eat flying stones? Okay, so how about a swap of any stage in the cycle or size of stones to throw in the water? There are golden stones, black stones, and four main stages. Nymph, crawling to land, return to water to lay eggs, and spent. For me it's mainly reading about it but I understand Stoneflies are one of the biggest anticipated hatches on many rivers in various parts of the country. How about a swap to stock our fly boxes with some quality stones for the upcoming season? Normal house rules apply and we'll hope for a dozen tyres to give us a selection of stones in various stages for the box. The one thing this old dog has in learning new tricks is return flies. If you want to SASE fine. If you want to just send flies in an envelope with $5.00 I'll print the label and stick it right back on the original envelope. Whatever works for you is good with me. Let's start this and see if we have a dozen interested people after all the recent swaps we've been enjoying. Let's look to have these in by April 15th giving 6 weeks to get them done. Nick Szabo, PO Box 361, Cheyenne, OK, 73628 1. CPHubert 2. Fishin' Bob 3. Woodenlegs 4. nivecker 5 . cencalfly...In house 6. John 1986 7. WWKimba 8. Stellahound...In house 9. Stabgnid 10. Trouttramp...In house 11. DarrellP 12. Flytire...In house
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