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Fly Tying

October Flies From The Vise

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2 minutes ago, niveker said:


Great looking fly, love that shaggy body.

Thanks niveker !  The shaggy body is because I didn’t have any orange/yellow yarn which the pattern calls for and I took all my dubbing boxes and pinch a little of this and a little of that and threw it in the blender. It’s like when you’re in New York and you’re making sauce ! Very handy those little coffee grinders and they’re pretty cheap on the net these days.

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Here's something fun, Blacknose Dace with just one animal.


Here's a wolverine head and neck skin with a nice throat patch on it.


I clipped three colors of hair from it,


tied a fairly sparse one from it,


and a couple of shaggier ones.


One thing I noticed about wolverine hair is it doesn't taper as much as other hairs and furs. When you stack it, the ends look chopped.


Then just for fun I tied one with all feathers, my first attempt at marrying wings.


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7 hours ago, Mark Knapp said:

Blacknose Dace with just one animal.

Mark never tied with wolverine is it slippery like bear & squirrel? does not look like it flares under tension. And I like the feather wing, may have to tie a few of those.  

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Mark Knapp,

Great flies!   Take the color away and leave just a black and white picture and you could have a plate from Bill Blades' neat book "Fishing Flies and Fly Tying" from 1951!


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nice Butchers.  Your comment started me on a search and then attempt at Bergman's Butcher: 


Hook: #8, 2XL
Thread: White for body
Body: Red Floss
Rib: Yellow floss
Tail: Red duck quill
Thread: Black for head
Hackle: Badger saddle hackle, dyed yellow (I think the original calls for a stiff silver badger, of which I have none.  

Lesson learned: embroidery floss is a poor substitute when needing a smooth body.  

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